AJ GASS shines hehe. not!

that was pure classic Gass! AJ losing his cool and getting disqualified from the game!

nice job AJ!

and there's Keply smiling and proud of his actions!

And this gentlemen is why Gass is hated by many around the league.. because of retarded plays like that one!

Quit trolling. It makes you look ludicrous.

I'll say.....about as bad as BeerBarons in the Winnipeg thread

AJ Gass sure has some anger issues. Hope he is planning on seeing a sports psychologist if he wants to keep playing.

The latest explanation by Mr. Gass is not very credible, or sensible to say it mildly.

I wonder what the excuse was on the earlier penalties he cost the team.

This yahoo is clearly out of control, and needs professional help if he intends to stay in the game.

AJ Gass has been suspended 1 game for his stampeder incident.


At least Gass plays his heart out. It is just too bad the Esks have a coach who is detrmined to show his brilliance at the expense of the team! What in the name of Pete was with pulling Ray on with 1st and goal from the 4? Outsmarted himself again.

do you think A.J. and the other vets (and Kepley) intimidate Macocia? You gotta wonder..

...no, I couldn't really see that happening, if a coach lost any position of power with his team he would be totally sunk....look at Jim Daley a couple of years ago in Winnipeg, his teamed completely mutinied on him...I think DM is still able to say he is the boss and have the players believe/respect it...

What is not very sensible is someone who actually claims to be a Rockies fan. This is a football forum there buddy, unless you are referring to some team that we have never heard about. As far as AJ goes I would much rather have an intense player that plays on the edge than the opposite. Every player in the league is going to take a penalty or two now and then if they are playing hard. AJ is a warrior that is well respected in the room and a leader on the field. He understands that he was wrong and that he cost the team, would still rather have him out there. The positives he brings way outweigh the negatives.