AJ Gass leaves Elks organization due to personal reasons

EDMONTON — Edmonton Elks’ special teams coordinator and linebackers coach AJ Gass has departed the organization for personal reasons, the team announced on Wednesday.

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I think we're just seeing the beginning of a bunch of retirements in the next month or so across the league. Hope I'm wrong

Because of having salaries cut again?

No, I suspect Gass left and his personal reason is he doesn't like the new name. Much like fairweather fans saying they'll no longer support the team.


I doubt if it's to do with the name change, The name on my pay cheque didn't matter near as much as the dollar amount on it(a more likely reason). Easy for the fans to dump all over the name, their living isn't involved. Other factors I'm sure, "personal reasons" means we'll never know.

Don't you mean that AJ Gas leaves the ELK organization?

Typical of the Times. Look like Elks are going either Hybrid or Electric.

Once an ELK, always an ELK!