AJ Gass kicking

I didnt see it... -didnt watch the game :frowning:-Was it really obvious??

If memory serves me right, Jakie Mitchell was suspended a game for a 'big hit' on DD earlier this year - ??(can someone verify that?)?? - That I thought was clean enough.

Also Earlier this year Schultz hit on (forget who) drew a fine and suspension? - ??(can someone verify that?)?? - That i thought was not his fault the qb just ducked / flinched at the big man about to cream him...

AJ didnt get any penalties or suspension or anything? Whats the deal? :?

Mitchell wasn’t suspended for his hit on Dickenson - think the week he hit Dickenson is the week he won a POTW award, too. Schultz and Jurineack hit Wynn and Crouch (can’t recall who hit whom) - Schultz received an undisclosed fine, and Jurineack received a one game suspension which was appealed and later overturned, if I recall correctly…

And yes, the Gass kick was obvious…

Thanks for clearing that up :smiley:


Word from the CFL office this morning, according to 900 CHML is there is a very strong possibility that Gass will be suspended for at least one game.

And yes the kicking was very obvious. They showed it once on the TSN broadcast and probably a couple more times on Sports Center.

only a strong possibility?? if he does get a suspension, what has this league come to :?

They only fined him, the league is fickle, it can't afford or won't believe that Edmonton isn't that good and won't make the play-offs...so they are doing everything in their power to help them win....

Gass should be banned from this League He already owns the Dirtiest player Lifetime achievement award