AJ Gass gets undisclosed fine for kick


Comments anyone.

In other words 15 bucks...

the optics look bad, especially after edmonton was complaining about dirty play in the Calgary game.
look out if friday's game gets out of hand. two struggling teams, could be a powder keg

....I'm glad Gass didn't get a suspension, it'll be interesting to see if he plays like a gentleman knowing he is in the spotlight or like a criminal....

two more posts and redandwhite hits 5000. impressive. i just don't have time to post that much anymore

....really?...I hadn't checking a long time....what can I say, I have a job that allows some free time...

I'd rather see him get suspended for the rest of the season for it, but at least a fine is something.

As an Eskimo fan, I guess I have to be happy not to lose A.J. from the lineup.

As a CFL fan, I am disapointed that the nunishment wasn't greater.

Why don't we all email the CFL and give them a few words or displeasure over this.

Why suspend Jurineak for a hit on a QB, yet only fine Gass for an intentional Kick?

whatever, a joke.

Exactly! Rider fans have a good beef now! Just amybe if Huey was the guy in Rider land that would have been different. Very disappointed with the CFL today with no suspension. The game gets out of hand next weekend the blame can now be on the league no one else! CFLesksfan we know who you cheer for you do not need to keep reminding us!

...I DON'T AGREE WITH.....just assessing a fine ...(and undisclosed one at that) ..what a hopeless decision...This is just another way of saying.....'well that's alright guys.....if you put the boots to a guy while he's down....expect to be dealt with severely with this ....well.... let me see...yes.. this undisclosed fine...that otta stop this stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: ...What a gutless decision ...i guess now we can expect more of the same ...now that this precedent has been set...boo to you Black and whoever else came up with this harsh :lol: punishment :thdn: :thdn: :lol: :lol:what a laugher..

Seems like there are different rules for each team in this league. I guess that what happens when you make a lame duck out of your commisioner. I hope the owners are happy with results.

For the last friggin time.....here's for all you meatheads whining about the Jurineack "suspension".....

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&topicnum=&nid=10888&writer=0]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... 8&writer=0[/url]

Friday, August 18, 2006 - 07:00PM

TORONTO (CFL) - The Canadian Football League announced today that upon review of the disciplinary measures assessed against Saskatchewan Roughriders’ defensive lineman Terrell Jurineack, Commissioner Tom Wright has reduced the penalty to an undisclosed fine.

Mr. Jurineack was originally assessed a one-game suspension for a hit involving Argo quarterback Eric Crouch.

.....can we please stop making the "we got suspended so why didn't he" comparisions now??

So im chking out eskfans site and come across
title my two cents topic.

"My worst play as a pro, in hind sight I should have filed it away and taken his head off next game. If all goes well I will still get that chance."

And they call Nik Lewis dirty.

Sounds like a guy that is remorseful :lol: That toonie fine hurt him big time! :lol:

good he should have, i cant stand dirty player, especialy gass, who remebers when he nails mcmanus late takin him out of the game, then him being on the sidleines laughing abuot it, straight classless

Hey moron, everyone knows that "take his head off" is a commonly used football term, but obviously you've never played competitive football. All Gass is saying is that he fully regrets his actions completely and, in hindsight, he wishes he would've just controled his emotions and delivered a little pay back to Brock Ralph (for his DIRTY attempt to take out Braidwood at the knees) in the clean, hard-nosed football way. Most of us are smart enough to know that pay-back is common in football.

If anyone takes his words too literally, thinking he really seeks to HURT Ralph or actually DECAPITATE the man, then you're either just totally ignorant about football or you've all got serious problems and are taking this thing way to seriously. Are YOU that perfect? Is your life that perfect? Please.

Every great MLB has had the same mindset as AJ Gass - you cross my territory, I'm going to take off your head. Do the names Dan Kepley, Willie Ples, Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary ring a bell? Every single one of those guys had the same attitude! Heck, even the good reverend Barrin Simpson has that attitude andn O'Shea (in his prime).

He was owning up to what he did, admitting that he made a bad mistake, and saying that he should've saved it for the next game. Anyone who reads anymore into it is just a PANSY.

I was just WAITING for someone to bring this up - too funny! Again, just another example of ignorance and a failure to get your facts straight.

Everyone knows that McMannus was FINE after that hit. Sure, he had his bell rung and he didn't play the rest of the game (which was almost over anyhow), but he was NOT seriously injured in the least. AJ Gass went up to him after the 100% CLEAN hit and offered to help him up. McMannus told him he just wanted to lay there for a few seconds to catch his breath. Gass knew that McMannus was OK, which is exactly what McMannus said after the game. Everyone who knows AJ Gass (fans, teammates, etc) know that he is NOT the type of guy to ever laugh at someone or celebrate (ala Nik Lewis) when someone is seriously laying injured on the field. You people don't know the guy, so stop acting like you do.

Look newby i understand what Gass probably meant, but i also recall a
Todd Bertuzzi saying the same sort of thing, and look what happened to
him. You say he's fully sorry, and he wants some clean hard nosed payback,
and the McManus hit was 100 % clean, and im a moron, etc etc. and i say
"So be it" , but please, please, please never use GREAT MLB and frickin
AJ Gass in the same sentence again.

well now that Gass just got a fine :roll: he knows he got away with murder, so he's already threating Brock to come in his zone and he WILL take Brock's head off! :expressionless: so if he serious hurts Brock in the rematch, i guess its just another football hit, nothing else :roll: and maybe Gass will get a game then, maybe :expressionless: i guess what happens to a player like Gass in this sitution he is in now, and he goes through with his threat? and ends Brocks career?