Airport Stadium: Worst idea in the HISTORY of society!!

It will be in the middle of nowhere…
There is no public transit to the area..
What kind of development will it spur: none..
We want a stadium that will spur good development, create a trendy area of pubs to go to after games in an area that is accessible by transit…

Do it right!!!

8) Apparently the area they are talking about is a few kilometers south of Upper James and Rymal Rd., not up near the actual airport.
  Upp. James and Rymal are not exactly out in the boondocks  !!!

   I wouldn't get too excited anyway, because City Council will probably scuttle the whole Pan Am bid, by the time it's all said and done  !!!!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Still the weather on Mountain in November Playoff time ... No Thanks..

  1. The airport is only a few kilometres south of Ryckman's Corners (Rymal and Upper James)

  2. I think I heard someone high up (David Peterson? the Mayor?) say the last place the stadium would be is in a "cow pasture". Most of the land south of Ryckman's Corners to the airport is cow pasture.

    I doubt very much they will build the stadium there.
    My money is on the Confederation Park area -QEW, 403, 407 access to Toronto is close by.

As opposed to the balmy weather that Ivor Wynne Stadium provides now for a November Playoff Game. Game. :roll:

The proposal for rapid transit is for a LRT line that goes from downtown to the aiport. That gives it easy access by car (Red Hill, Linc, 403/6 bypass) and by public transit. It would give incentive to speed up the north/south rapid transit proposal. Not sure if there's much public transit access to Confederation Park and it's more likely to have lake effect weather than the mountain. The west end would be better than both because it is more central to every Hamilton and area community. As long as it's not by the bay because the speed limit is going to 30 km/hr in that area and it will take forever to get the place cleared out.
Personally, I'm not so sure it's absolutely necessary to have a new stadium. I don't find anything wrong with Ivor Wynne that a lot less money couldn't fix. Been to a number of CFL stadiums and nothing beats the atmosphere at Ivor Wynne. Putting up a stadium with a track seperating the stands from the field destroys that closeness. I highly doubt that a new stadium will attract any more fans, especially if the team doesn't get any better. The new scoreboard at IW worked for a while until the novelty wore off and non-diehard fans started to think twice where they spent their money. Fans aren't giving up their season tickets because of the stadium, it's a combination of the team's performance and to some extent, the increase in ticket prices. While us current season ticket holders are getting a good deal because of the playoff guarantee, it's only good for one year and it's not applicable to prospective new season ticket holders or previous season ticket holders. A new stadium won't change the team's performance and it is highly likely that ticket prices will rise substantially. So my taxes will go up and my season's tickets will likely cost more for what?

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True. If theres one thing ivor wynne did for the area it is in is create development. the trendy pubs all around that stadium and economic development that it spurred through the years around it were awesome to the area :roll: .

A little dramatic, but it is a TERRIBLE idea. Forget the lack of public transit, the added travel time alone would not be a plus as far as I'm concerned. I hate that location idea. With the ideas left, I'd have to say the Queen/Barton location or a west Hamilton location would be the best choice for me.

I'm actually starting to warm up to the idea of an airport location.

They will run buses and hopefully by that time have light rail that will got up to the stadium. Sure it may take you longer but I liken it to Buffalo. The Rockpile used to be in downtown Buffalo and now it's 20 mins away in Orchard Park.

I think it's a good idea because of all the land available. Maybe when they build a parking lot, we could actually tailgate. That would be awesome. With the land, they could probably build a shopping centre, restaurants, and a movie theatre. Plus build some houses and make some money. It makes sense for teams flying in because the airport is right there. Also good for out of towners as the airport is there, a hotel would be built and it's super easy access to get to the stadium.

I think the problem is that a lot of us think in the past. IWS is and has been a great stadium. But as Beet says, what economic development has it brought? When I say the past, I refer to having the stadium downtown.

I don't like the idea of downtown because nothing downtown will change. Everyone will just come downtown 12 times per year (1 pre season, 9 regular season, 1 playoff, 1 Grey Cup parade).

The problem is people aren't moving downtown and building houses downtown. Highway 6 has a ton of houses and this is where more and more people are going to be living. Look at Limeridge Mall. It was build in the middle of nowhere. Now, it's all built up around it.

My idea is still to refurbish IWS, tear down Brian Timmis to put in offices and the Hall of Fame. The tear down Scott Park, build a small shopping centre with some restaurants.

Tigerdirt doesnt make it sound like the worst idea.I especially like the tailgates. I could almost nominate him for mayor. Any one want to second that?

tailgaiting? for sure but watch the team and the police shut down the illegal,and set it up to make money.selling the overpriced stuff in a specific area

Ivor Wynne wasn't build in a time where sports venues were commercial developments. The original Civic Stadium amounted to a grandstand of several thousand and temporary bleachers in what would be left as a recreational park to be surrounded by post-war housing.

The current 29,000-ish seat stadium consists of major elements that were build in the 1950s and 1970s. The area had already become a residential neighborhood. Further to that, the present stadium was built for one purpose: seating the general public for football games. It wasn't built as a multi-purpose exhibition venue and commercial development.

If there's an argument for a promising state-of-the-art building that did little to nothing to create development in Hamilton, its Copps Coliseum.

Is there been any consideration for the current unused Scott Park School location? If my memory serves me correctly the tail gate location across from IWS is vacant. The school was closed years ago and is currently vacant. US cities such as Pittsburg built a new stadium beside the old location and tore down that location after the new one was built. Consider this; the new stadium would sit squarely in the middle of Balsam, Beechwood, King and Melrose. The Cats need a place to play while the other stadium is built. Close Cannon Street at Melrose and Balsam Ave and use the connecting properties for parking (tailgate)
other business ventures. The stadium could be used as a multy use venue.

What do you think of this idea?

Problem solved. :smiley:

The Airport is a great idea.

Is it the best location? No. The South Mountain is. Confederation being #2.

The Airport comes in 3rd due to the future growth of the area, the readily available access to hotels (now and in future) and the newly created LRT with continual and upgraded bus service.

As an added bonus...being further south than any of the other locations, it will be warmer.

so why do you want to repeat it with a football stadium that will be used even less than copps?

You're right to be weary of the real benefits of a new stadium for the community. However Copps lacks a tenant playing in a league with a national spotlight and big corporate support. I might be mistaken, but I don't feel as if the Bulldogs have an impact on the upkeep of their venue the way Bob Young's Tiger-Cats have shown. If Copps had an NHL tenant let's say, the building and neighborhood wouldn't look the way it does today. There would have been corporate boxes built and a new scoreboard and video ribbons over the 1990s. You would have seen things change around the arena with wealthier clientele making their way downtown 42 nights over ten months of a year and releasing a latent demand for entertainment business the rest of the year.

To draw an analogy, its like when you build a new lane on a highway. For which ever reason, adding capacity to a highway increases the usage of that highway. People who hadn't used the highway before, begin to do so. This is why adding lanes rarely alleviates congestion. In the case of a sports venue, a building isn't enough, a major tenant is required too. This tenant needs to have the capability to draw hundreds of thousands of paying fans, corporate sponsorship and the tenant needs to play in a league with the nation's attention.

I don't know if the Tiger-Cats, with 10 dates a year and a Grey Cup once a decade, are enough to make a new building a success. I do feel they're bigger than the Bulldogs by virtue of playing in Canada's 2nd most popular sports league. We might as well take this opportunity with federal and provincial support to build a new venue and at least have a chance at other things like a USL team and large scale summer concerts to compliment the Cats' 10 dates.

This would be justification for a new stadium in way of the antiquated Ivor Wynne which has one use, is unfriendly to the media and has limited revenue generating features.

I know there are lots of people out there that would be excited over more parking and tailgating at a new facility on the South mountain BUT....

public consumption of alcohol in Ontario is not legal. It is overlooked at Scott Park because it is minimal. Parking will be expensive. $20 plus each. They (the city or team) can gouge because, where else can you go? Now the LRT is only in the conceptual stage, with the "A" line (east to west-downtown) to be built first, in something like 10 years-at best. Asumming Dalton can actually fork out the billions for the Metrolinx projects.

I understand the tendencies to like this idea, but if city council, or Toronto 2015, as any foresight at all, this should be a non-starter.

Ive been to tailgate parties. They're not drunk fests, or puke fests or anything like that. Ive tailgated with rider fans in BC and its just a bunch of people, with kids, meeting and talking football with each other. Theres a few beers but 3 hrs later the designated driver drives home. So bull to any one who thinks they can be a problem. Unless you think Hamilton fans are the morons of the league. If Rider fans can do it responsibly, then so can we. Kirk)

BJ wrote: " If theres one thing ivor wynne did for the area it is in is create development. the trendy pubs all around that stadium and economic development that it spurred through the years around it were awesome to the area ."

BJ: When a stadium is in a residential area it's pretty difficult to get approval for businesses and trendy pubs.