Airese Currie...quick..or what!

Wow! is this guy fast. We need to get him in the lineup regularly now that he's healthy. On that punt that was called back, Currie pulled away from everyone. I don't think I've seen that much speed in a Cat uniform before. Once he gains more confidence playing in games as a receiver he'll give us a deep threat along with Bruce. :cowboy:

This was a big game for him, with a few more games and practices under his belt he'll be deadly. DEADLY I tells ya!!!! :lol:

On the pass he dropped he burned his defender by like ten yds.

He caught a real beauty for a td. Showed great hands and speed on that play. I know he had a great training camp, maybe now's the time to turn him loose. :cowboy:

When Currie first signed here, I heard about how fast he was. You can see how fast he is by checking the "personal" section of this page:

But of course, it is preferable to see what he can do in games. And we saw that on the punt return that you mentioned, as well as the missed FG return. I'd like to see him used more often on returns for those reasons, and maybe we will after Rodriguez returns.

Sorry - which touchdown was that? Did I miss it?

I thought we only had 2 touchdowns, both by Bruce.
Please elaborate on which quarter it was, so that I can view it on TSN.CA.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

It's a shame he can't catch a cold.

Hey now, this was only his second or 3rd game and he did make some nice catches, especially one that set up an ab3 game tying TD in the 4th quarter.

He also had some huge drops including the potential TD pass from Porter in the 3rd. I also HATE that he is a favoured target in the red zone. IMO McDaniel proved to be a much better receiver last Friday. Hope Currie proves me wrong against Montreal.

Edit: he also dropped one in the end zone.

I think that dropped one in the endzone you speak of was both triple coverage and an overthrow and near the endzone bounds.

Bottom line is he needs to learn how to catch otherwise he's useless to the team and a liability. He'll be like a faster Craig Yeast or a Brock Ralph.

I actually don't think it was any of those things at all. I think it was 1 on 1, in his reach and with plenty of room from the sidelines.

Do like Currie tho.

Hey, I know one of them, maybe not the one you were thinking of was exactly as I described because I was sitting right near where the play occured.

I'm talking about this touchdown he dropped. At about 3:15 into the video. It wasn't easy but it was right in his hands.[url][/url]

I assume you're talking about the one in the north-east corner in the 2nd quarter, a couple plays after the punt-block.
I re-watched the game last night, and on that one he had to reach back over and through the defender to get at the ball, and it may have even hit the DB's shoulder pads at the same time as Currie got his hands on it. I wouldn't pin that on him.

But the one in front of the bench, yeah he should've had that one.

Bottom was his first game back in quite a while. If he starts catching like he did in camp, it'll make our O that much more potent. In camp he showed that he had great hands along with the speed. He has a chance this week against the Als to win a starting job. IMO :cowboy:

That may be true, as Rodrriguez was referred to as being "unlikely" to play according to this: ... ctice.html