Lankford TD he goes all the way, I remember Speedy used to be able to do dat! :rockin: :lol: Argos :want to also see ray on his a_s or running for his life!

Jackson another Punt return TD airblows :thdn: I remember when Speedy could do Dat :rockin: :lol:

They managed a sack on his first possession but return TDs seem to be the story of the game!

Four games in and Sears is still playing. I give him another couple of weeks before he's out of the lineup injured for the bulk of the season!

So Climie wants to know why the refs wouldn't let the illegal block in the back go since Jackson had already passed the Bombers player??!! :roll: If the refs did that then Ticats would have won the GC in 2014!! :roll: :roll:

22:20 at the 1/2 very close entertaining game with 3 explosive returns 1 flagged , wow!

I'm not seeing any block from the rear. I'm seeing a BB who falls into a pursing Argo. Just me missing something? Someone owes Karen a cool million!

This game could easily be called the kickers/returners game! :smiley: SEVEN FGs between the 2 teams with 15 of the blew team points coming off the foot of their kicker.

Bombers just broke that curse - TD by Harris.

I saw a hand to the back of the jersey - although there may not have been much of a push.

I'm a closet Bombers fan and always cheer for them in the west but man did they ever get a lot of help in this one and I don't just mean that block from behind. Cheap DPI calls extended drives and put them in scoring range a few times. Trestman finally had enough and challenged one but those calls were going the bombers way all night so they snuck away with this one.

that was the worst officiated CFL game I've ever seen.

i hate the argos and by the end I was secretly rooting for them just because how immensely screwed they got.

Watching those explosive kick returns on special teams I am thinking to myself how nobody around here talks about our ST Unit , what a better way to get this team going ! A Speedy B he could go all the way Sat would inject some we can fix this thing vaccine into the entire team!? and motivate and bring some calm to team and all us fans so message to SPEEDY break one and turn on those afterburners GOD PLEASE HELP OUR TEAM!!!

Could it be a dive???

When will you learn (or admit) the the lack of return TDs is not solely on Banks? There are another ELEVEN players on the field that are there SPECIFICALLY to block for him. If the blocks aren't there, then it exceedingly difficult to score return TDs.

There were two key blocks on the first return - one that allowed him to get to the sideline, and the second allowed him to turn the corner.

As much as I hate the blue team, they was robbed. Medlock dived. CFL refs = brutal. I was looking forward to watching that game but after that call I would bet anything we all knew what the outcome would be. The new top guy better fix it's early on the season and already unwatchable

:thup: :thup:

As with Collaros, some keep pointing at individual players failing.

They say that football is the "ultimate team sport".

Yet, there are those accusing one or two people like this is golf.

Or is there something seriously wrong with the physical training in the Ticats organization? With all the injuries we've seen over the last several years, I have suspected this for a while. Is it time to take a look at replacing our training staff?

Come on buddy they even tried YOGA!? What they really need is pre game Anthony Robbins YOU Can do it! :lol: :rockin: