Airabin Justin

Trouble with changes on the roster is that guys like this end up burning us (see Reggie Hunt). Former rider DB and grey cup champion Airabin Justin arrived in Edmonton today. Just in time to get fired up for a game against the team that cut him earlier this season. Should make things all that much more fun for our struggling offense.

Well, considering McKenzie has outplayed Hunt, I fail to see your point. We can't merely keep players because they're good.

Who won? Montreal or Saskatchewan? Riders did remember?

Hunt has been good in Montreal. McKenzie just as good. Maybe better. I bet a lot less expensive to. Rider d has not missed Hunt or Perry.

Trouble with roster changes? The Riders are 6 and 1. Best record in the CFL.

Justin is a stand out guy, and it was unfortunate that he was not retained. I wish him all the best in Edmonton (just not this week).

I met Justin. Seemed like a nice guy. But who should Riders have cut? Eddie Davis? Omar Morgan? James Johnson? Lance Frazier?

Coach Miller was on radio. He talked about Frazier playing good this year. Said he was happy with Heard. And Patrick to.

I went to Calgary game. Kornegay was decent to. Not bad at all. Riders are good on defence. Wish they could have kept Justin. But at 6 and 1. With all these injuries. How can anyone complain?

Justin was probably not good enough to make our team but pretty well good enough to start on a number of teams and the team probably just granted him his release.

Never said they should have kept him just said it was a shame because he was a good guy and a good baller