Airabin Justin To Sign With A Western Team Tomarrow

my sources tell me :slight_smile:, but hey! U HEARD IT FIRST RIGHT HERE FOLWKES! he will sign on with a western team tomarrow, a team we play two times this season.. anybody guesse? n im not given any sources!!

(and when i wrote tomarrow really i mean today cuz its like 2 in the morning now so)

If I had to guess, which I don't. I'd say the only team in the West who just lost it's best corner. AJ's the only guy who's free that could fill that void without that defence missing a beat. Much like Jason Goss, Airabin is an all-star caliber player. Any defence he joins is going to get stronger immediately, so it doesn't surprise me at all that he got so as much interest as he did after his Hamilton exit. He's a that's what he's going to do for that new team.

Good luck A.J.


:D, we shud never have let him go

This is not a hard mystery to figure out.

Tillman has been trying to get all of his old Gades players back now that he's in Regina. Justin used to play for the Gades.

No big loss. He was hurt throughout his stint in Hamilton, and missed a lot of games. Not exactly a "shut-down" corner, either.

Have to laugh at some of you guy's that say every time a darned good player leaves Hamilton that it's "no big deal". Yet when someone that we've never heard of signs with Hamilton it's a super pick-up. What a joke!!!

I always liked him. I think he's a good player and a very nice guy, but his injuries really did make it hard to fault the team for not bringing him back. I wish him well and I hope he stays healthy because he's a great player when he's healthy.

what i tell yah!

you called it dude ... nicely done ... your "sources" are pretty accurate

any insight on what is going to happen with our team soon "Swami"?

Good call Blitz21

Justin never played for the Gades....

I think we plucked him off their practice roster a few years back

He was never a great player here if u ask me . DBs are a dime a dozen and he wont be missed