Airabin Justin is doing GREAT!!!

To all you people who thought Justin and the rider secondary wasnt going to do good, eat your words now. they are ballin out there on the feild. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Why can't players succeed here? That's the $64,000 question. He didn't have much luck against BC last night.

Yes indeed? And let's see....Flick was looking good in the last couple was Kamau Peterson. Belli too.

Rather frustrating to see these players excel in other organizations but look pretty bland while here.

Sure airabin justin is doing great. let's look at the list of guys who were deemed expendable:
kamau peterson- the esks saw the potential,if in the right system...he has all the tools, its too bad marcel discarded him cause you could use him right now.13 catches,130 yds.
flick- wouldn't you get frustrated if you weren't being used properly,players lose faith in the system and start to mail it in. if they could have had the foresight to keep him and use him the right way,what if?12 catches,180 could use him right now.
belli- are you telling me that he would not be an asset right now instead of reid? he took all those penalties because he was frustrated and had no guidance.
jason goss- this is a tricky one but i think that they could 've got him back cause he can could use him right now instead of kari squared.
a couple of other guys that were deemed expendable by the parcel(marcel)
khalil hill,tad kornegay(this guy is better than any other half they'll bring in this year)and wayne smith
on the best oline in the league-but he's not better than the human traffic pylon,turnstile damion cook...c'mon.
he was going to rebuild this team and put his stamp on it regardless(no ego?)
enjoy the rebuilding process steeltown fans,you approved of it so maybe you should focus your misery
on the "architect" instead of the helpless star qb.


The star QB deserves all the blame he is recieving. I approve of the changes but sincerely wish one more had been made. With any kind of QB our Oline would be better as would our recievers. Sadly we have a lame arm starter who throws away the game before leaving the replacement in the unenviable position of having to throw every down