Air Spectacle? Why the next decade could see many new passing records

TORONTO — The next 10 years could see plenty of new passing records in the Canadian Football League.

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As long as the CFL refs keep calling interference or holding on almost every down, no records will be broken. How many long TD passes were called back because of a coaches challenge? The refs have to ease up on all the calls, they are ruining the game.

During the last full season, almost every starting QB went down with an injury and didn't play a full season. Some people suggest that with teams trying to fill the O-line with Canadians they are putting QBs at risk. If the QB doesn't release that ball fast, he's going down. The ratio rule has done nothing but force teams to put all Canadians on the line and some are just not ready and shouldn't be out there.

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So, please inform us, what is the average number of penalties called per game, and how many of those are pass interference and holding calls? Also, since the pass coverage rules changed to more closely match NFL rules, have pass interference calls gone up or down? We'll wait for you to do your homework before posting.

Too many penalty yards, just go back look at any CFL game and compare to the number of penalties in an average NFL game.

Should only get one challenge per half with no carry over.

As for the Canadian ratio, it's easier for the teams to put them on the line as an American would have trouble with the defense lining up a full yard away from the line scrimmage.

Want to enhance the Canadian aspect, need more Canadians on the coaching staff.

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No. You made the claim, You should provide your evidence with sources.

Maybe I'm still in the minority who feel the league should go back to 1 yard off the ball for defensive backs too instead of the 5 yard rule for any contact before the pass.

Brandon Browner and others used to do just find under such rules though he was dirty at times too and the referees let them play more, so I don't want to hear this stuff about the old rule being too hard on the defence as it was not for decades.

It seems to me like that rule change led to more penalties not less, but I don't have the data but do remember when they changed that rule over the first season was terrible for officiating and disparity in such calls.

Article on why fewer penalties in 2020 in the NFL and why so much offense.

Pass interference averages only 1 per game in the NFL in 2019

Anyone that has followed the CFL knows that there are far too many penalties and the refs call everything. Shouldn't need to pull up stats to prove it.

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Not sure why they went with the five yard rule.

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will there be a season this year? when will the players be told? when will training camps start?

Can be delayed by 2 or 3 weeks.

The bulk of offensive lines have been Canadians going back decades. There hasn’t been a sudden ratio shift there which is resulting in Qb injuries. If anything, there has been more of a shift back to using 2 and sometimes even 3 Americans with some teams on the offensive line. Most teams employ at least one and often two American tackles, which is probably the most critical position in terms of keeping the quarterback upright. There were often 5 man Canadian offensive lines in the 1980’s on a lot of teams, trying to copy Edmonton’s success with it.


I have followed the CFL for decades and I don't buy it. Since you can't back up your bogus claims I'll just write them off. Have refs made mistakes? Of course they have, but to say "the refs call everything" is simply nonsense.

The 2019 Edmonton Football Team was the most penalized team in the league with an average of 10.9 penalties per games. That's a lot, but the Champion Bombers averaged only 6.4. Meanwhile in 2020 The Chiefs, also the most penalized team in the league, averaged 7.5.


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This the only thing the NFL has on the CFL in my opinion. I do get a little annoyed with the 2 and outs also. Seems like the Canadian game spends more time swapping out offense/special teams/defence. Other than that the game is better north of the border.