Air Quality

With the air quality being assessed as “High Risk” for today’s game in Edmonton wouldn’t it be best, be safer to postpone it? The players push themselves to extreme physical exertion. Breathing in poor quality air may result in serious injury.

I would think they would consider it. Maybe depends on how bad it actually is. They prostponed or cancelled a number of baseball game in North East USA but I expect the air is not nearly so bad in Alberta, bad as it may be

TORONTO — The Edmonton Elks have issued a statement on the air quality situation in Edmonton ahead of their 7 p.m. ET (5 p.m. MT) kickoff.

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I had read there was a rating system and threshold agreed to between the CFLPA and the league based on the air quality index. It’s why some of the practices during camp and this past week have been cancelled or moved indoors in different cities. If they’re planning to play they must have reports that they don’t expect it to get worse than this threshold limit by game time.

There are 35,000 tickets sold for this game


Edmonton off to a good start at the gate.

Hopefully attendance is trending upwards.

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Just don’t forget about the guarantee of winning stipulation :wink:

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That might be tricky.

Only up by two.

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