Air Porter

Another devastating loss, but great hope for the future. Just like Williams, Porter steps in and immediately MOVES the offense.

And THIS time, Cats Management can't possibly ignore it.

Order me up a Porter Jersey and send it with my season tix!

He is definatley an entertaining QB, if he starts next game (if he doesnt I will be amazed) ill look forward to see what he can do.

Marcel is gonna keep this guy around. He let him start when Printers went down, and the kid did everything possible with the offense he had.

well hopefully he doesnt turn out to be like williams.

Just like Williams,
No, No ... way better!


read my "Casey and the shining armour" thread to get a synopsis on Porter and Printers. Hey xtybe, I believe Printers is looking for someone to take him out for the after game dinner. The tab is on you since Casey will be out of work next week, hopefully!

lol Im happy QP played an amazing game, I hope he does steal caseys job and is the next danny mac, and leads us to an 09 grey cup. I just want the team to win. But Casey just gets a little too much undeserved heat from people.

criticize his play but not his heart or passion or desire to win.

hey QP stood up and pumped his fist and screamed and cheered after his big run... no criticism about him tryign to be a 'knight in shining armour' after that one

Not sure how coachable printers is at this stage. I think he feels like he knows it all. Porter and williams are easier to coach while printers probably doesnt listen and does whatever he thinks is best regardless of coaching.

his big mouth coming in here brought the extra heat. Even the media picked up on it and could not believe his words. players around the league were talking about it and ā€œDā€™sā€ wanted a piece of him. looks good on him!
little bit of about face there xtybe? lol. Your first few comments made it clear that Casey was the guy and I was too hard on him, not unlike the ground!
Stick with your guns and go down with the ship. Getting rid of Printers is my idea! lol

Kid has a three step drop and release which takes enormous pressure off our o-line. He also throws a very catch-able ball
and kind of remind me of Ricky Ray. Maybe we could trade Printers to the Argos!

Printers to the Argos was my thought earlier or in another thread. He could help the Argos lose a few games with his double pump or superman routine!

no about face, I explained myself. You criticized his attitude.
You have people calling him 'uncoachable' now. Where does this come from thats all I ask. What possible event of today makes him uncoachable other than people just trying to create reasons to criticize the guy.

You seem to misunderstand me, I want whatever has this team winning, whoever is at QB.

With your comments it makes me think if printers had us 12-0 after 12 games you'd still find something about him to complain about.

people get on CPs back for going crazy after scoring a TD, but QP goes crazy after a long run and theres no criticizm there.. just kind of hypocritical is all.
(and I think the celebrating is great regardless of whos doing it)

Again im lovin this QP kid... i know some of you guys dont seem to think its possible but im a fan of more than one of our qb's

Printers for Osheat. No Boatman I would want.

You have people calling him 'uncoachable' now.
i said I am not sure how coachable he is. i did not say he is uncoachable. but.......he trips over his ego an awful lot. I like printers but he is an egomaniac and they are notoriously hard to coach. I want printers to start and last week all I asked for was for the team to pull him when struggling and they didnt and wouldnt. This week they were forced to because he was 'apparently' injured. Porter proved he could move this team and printers should be on a short leash from now on.

I found the difference in the 2nd half amazing when QP was in. He wasn't scrambling for his life and he was finding open receivers. Why was Printers having so much trouble? Maybe the team wants to work harder for Quinton, knowing that if they get open, Quinton may actually find them.

Printers to the blue team is a great idea. Do you think we could get Talbot?

Talbot would be great. Don't think we would want anything to do with Arland Bruce.

maybe porter is smarter and reads defense way better.

Here's what I saw.
Q Porter stands in the pocket and does not panic.
he picks up his primary and secondary receivers quickly.
he delivers the ball quickly and efficiently.
his throws are very catchable
He is not afraid to throw deep
He has faith in the receivers and gives them an opportunity to prove themselves.
he moves out of the pocket only if and when he has to.
He makes our O-line look respectable
he makes our receivers look good.
In return they produce and our offence looks better than ordinary.

Printers does the exact opposite. And as a result our cats are 2-9 or 10 whatever.