air plane fly over last weekend

any one know what kind off planes thy was that did the fly over last weekend be for the game.

which game would that be toddcat ?

The july 7 game in Hamilton


cool :smiley:

Lucky!! (Though we got a CF-18 flyby before a Labour Day game in 2003, and I saw another before each half at the Grey Cup in 2002)

we have a plane that drives around the endzone when we get a TD. :slight_smile: and 2 giant birds

The CF-18s were a lot better than the flyover we had during the pre-season game. I'm not sure what kind of plane it was, but they announced it, everyone's looking up and it's nowhere to be seen, and then five minutes later (I think it was during the coin toss) this crop duster flies over. Hard to get excited at that point.

Hamilton's lucky to be the location of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, so we get flyovers at every game. The CF-18s are my favourite, I think. And the Lancaster Bomber, one of only two airworthy Lancasters in the world.


We get Gainer the Golpher driving around in a vehicle sponsored by Casino Regina