Air Horns?

I was at the game friday night with my niece, on my way to the game i bought an air horn, i thought it would be a good way to make some noise and support our cats, as years ago it was no problem to bring them in to the stadium, as i entered the park was told i could not bring it in, that it was not allowed, i was pissed off and tossed it to the security gaurd, my niece who is ten was upset,as she looks forward to going to the games with me and cheer and yell.

It seems to me that the organization does not like fans to make noise and just sit on there hands(among other fans too!!). Is there a by-law against air horns at city owned facilities?.Next time i will be sneaking it in.

I don't know but I heard one at the Calgary game. :cowboy:

I'm glad there aren't air horns at the games. They are the most annoying way to make noise at a game. Plus all they do is make the fans sitting next to it go deaf. There are a ton of other ways to make noise.

as long as you hold them up in the air... and use them only as celebratory devices (or possibly defensive aids) there really shouldn't be any problem with them,

obviously if the nut job next to/behind you is pointing them at peoples heads then ya, its a disturbance.


I say we let Megaphone Man back...


Let us know where you and your neice are sitting, so those of us that understand near deafness can give you your own little patch of airhorn space, and folks like us can "continue" to hearafter your "statement" on behalf of the team's defence (or whatever)...or at least we can buy a seat away from an obnoxious person...I can live with everyone jumping to their feet on a play; I can support people cheering at the top of their lungs, but some idiot with a mechanical device that cuts out my hearing for the next week is just a bit too much...and thats what the air horn does to me...keep it in your boat to comply with those regulations, and use your voice to cheer the team on...I sure don't mind that!

Actually I wouldn’t mind the air horn. I would be better than the piped in artifical crowd noise that we keep hearing over and over and over. God forbid that we could actually make our own noise.

My sister used to take an air horn - thank God she leaves it at home now...haha

I don't have a problem with them personally - as long as they're being used properly - but can definitely see how others wouldn't like it.

Apparently you can't bring noisemakers into the stadium - as per sign at gates. Don't know what they classify those blow horns they sell at the game.

I wonder - given the high level of idiocy surrounding the Cats' stadium policies these days (ahem bottled water), if you are allowed to bring into the ballpark blowhorns you previously bought at the stadium...

people should be aloud to bring in anything that helps them make noise. Lots of times when our teams needs us we are way to quite.

I am just wondering but do the ticats sell any kind of bells. i think that would be a good idea if they dont yet and if possible even give away bells to the first so many people who enter the stadium. they did this at an afl game last year and it got loud in there lol.

Can't quote a bi-law or policy statement, but pretty sure that the City banned the use of those air horns at all city owned sporting facilities a number of years ago. They were popular at the stadium years ago, too popular, they became a problem for a lot of people after awhile through misuse. I guess enough complaints were made there and in the arenas to cause the city to take action.

Maybe it should be better enforced. I sat through the whole game onf friday with a couple of drunken teenagers behind me in box A. They had one of the horns and seldom used it to cheer the cats to victory. Instead they felt it apropriate to use it to get the cheerleaders’ attention. And seldom did they point it up in the air.

For the fun of it, I just checked out the policy for air horns at several stadiums in the US & Canada (pro and college). Virtually everyone of them list air horns, whistles, loud noise makers on their list of forbidden items.

As they should. Anyone who brings an airhorn into a stadium has no consideration for their fellow fans. Our stadium is the loudest in the CFL. Exactly why would someone believe a air horn is required? So that the players can you specifically? If someone brings one in I'll promise you right now that I will have them removed if they sit anywhere near me.