Air horns

Any one know if they will let you in with an air horn? Just like one of the small marine/sport horns?

im pretty sure i read somewhere that you will not be permitted into the building with one, and if caught with one you will have to surrender it. failing to surrender it will result in ejection from the building. i would just get a blowing on for like 10 dollars that you can buy there.

You definitely can't use air horns or electronic noise makers. Someone was handing out these great little noise-makers at last year's western final. Sure saved my voice. Does anyone know a good place to pick up a noise-maker?

Take your wife or girlfriend I notice they always make a lot of noise.

Question: Do they actually search you? I went to a show at the JLC, and they said no video cameras allowed. My brother showed up with a camera case, and they asked him what it was. I can’t remember exactly what he told them, but they let him pass without ever searching the case.

Not that I’d ever condone that type of behavior. :wink:

yeah in most big events that take place in a concert your not allowed any Video Camera's don't ask me why but they don't allow. For some reason your allowed camera's but usually it would have video capablilities. I think its messed up. I've had the experience of someone asking me what was in my camera case(maybe t hey thought it was a gun who knows) But yeah if you go to a game with a bag they do suually do a quckie search no big deal.

If you really get in trouble with your camera just tell them you're scouting signals for the Pat's.

Just tell em its a giant galss that you fill to chug your beer. :lol:

:lol: Nice one.