Air horns shouldn't be allowed

I love fans making noise and cheering, and screaming, BUT.....
All game long?
Enough already!!! Now and then is fine.... On a scoring play is fine... But not throughout the whole game!!!!!
If I paid good money for a seat, and that guy was beside me, I'd be looking for a refund...
It's just an obvious disregard for anyone around them...


I'd be upset too.

But think of the money the ALs could make selling headache pills.
"Popcorn? Peanuts? Tylenol? ... Butt Scratcher?"


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I hate it, too.
I started imagining it’s Beaker from The Muppet Show and that’s helped a bit.


I tuned in to this game understanding that there would be air horns. I was pleasantly surprised that they didn't bother me as much as I had expected. Then I realized I'm not hearing Dustin Neilson's verbal diarrhea spoiling my enjoyment of the game.


How about vuvuzelas?


Det förstår jag inte.


Nope. No electric bagpipes either.

All those hours and hours of lessons down the drain.


C'mon now. Bagpipes make the AC/DC song "It's Long Way To The Top If You Wanna To Rock N' Roll" pop


We you at the game? Then you dont get a vote.
I dont think that anyone commented here, was at the game

I have season tickets, they dont bother me at all

To be honest, I did not even think about them until I read this thread

Blame TSN for using omnidirectional mics
You could even try changing the audio style on your TV

As for not being allowed, that should be up to the people attending the game

I watched the 1st qtr and then found something else to do!
I knew it wasn't going to stop!
Reading the comments, I was right

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I wonder if the play by play guys are knowing their commentary is falling on deaf ears as a lot of us have muted the sound. It would be a cool experiment if we didn't tune into a Montreal home game then TSN would see a ratings dive and actually do something about it.


I was watching my PVR of the game....I really dont see a problem. Didn't bother me at the game....didn't bother me watching the recording

Seriously...check your audio settings

Like stop using omnidirectional microphones?

Seriously? I had the volume turned down to 1 and I could still hear those damn things above everything. I'll just turn everything above 1K down, kinda' like a low pass filter, in the future but I really shouldn't have to do that.

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I doubt the CFL or any team in it will ban something that clearly brings people enjoyment. Not to say they're not intrusive, but you should never expect any type of quiet at a football game. Especially a professional game where tens of thousands of people have gathered.

I see the horns (or any type of noise maker) as a necessary evil that helps brings fans out to game. Some people just love being obnoxiously loud. It's the same mentality as those people with modified exhausts that can be heard for 20 blocks. I don't get it.

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Speaking as a former Stampeders season ticket holder, I loved the noise and atmosphere at the game, it's just this one particular sound I find very grating. Cowbells, drums and even those old plastic horns (not airhorns) I had no problem with at all. I think because it has been under discussion this season, airhorns are annoying more than just a small minority.


i watched a bit of the game on silent and then i turned on the game and heard the air horns im like no thanks

What's the problem? Tuning out background noise is easy if you've been married long enough. Don't even have to think about it, it's automatic.


LOL, I think this is exactly how many of us feel.


100% agree. And it would even be ok if was just at certain times, like a big play....but they are just constant. It's obnoxious.