Air horns during games

Does the CFL still permit air horn noise makers at games?

If so, is it illegal to blow one of these to startle someone sitting in front of you? Would there be jail time?

Those things still exist, but I know THF (and probably many other venues) ban these:

One guy in Montreal uses a horn with a pump that I guess gets around the rule against these, but which is just as annoying.
As for intentionally scaring a fellow fan, I doubt you’d get jail time, but you’d probably get a black eye.

I think, in Ottawa, the ban is for electronic horns. Although air horns should be banned as well.

I don’t like them.

I tempted to blow one back in the face of some kid being allowed to do it by some bad parents.

I absolutely hated those things. Thats pretty much all you could hear at Landsdowne Park during a game broadcast back in the 80’s

Ottawa, you got company. ;D

Skin is in full crawl mode. Thanks for posting (not) ;D

They’re banned at BMO too.

In the CFL you only get a few of those going at once, and it’s not that bad. Imagine if all the fans in the stadium were going like that while the opposing QB is trying to call signals? Brutal!

For the musicians out there…

A classic tune that rivals John Cages 4’ 33", a 4 minute and 33 second song of total silence, which put a whole new meaning to “music to the ears.”

I remember sitting in the stands at the South African World Cup had ear plugs. The Vuvuzela is a noise maker.

watching the games on tv with those air horns, was so annoying, i actually turned off one of the games and watched an episode of MASH that i had seen 11 times before…TSN and their advertisers lost me as an audience for that game.

A very technical piece. Very tricky to switch from note to note, especially in that fast part about halfway through… :wink: