air horns at bc place

hey. i just got an air horn and i am wondering if they are allowed in bc place for lions games?

i don't think they are... you could probably get it past security... but if you used it a few times they'd find ya... but..having said that... i could be wrong... you might be allowed to use them there.

does any one know for shur if air horns are allowed???

found this at

Facility Rules

In order to provide a safe environment for our guests, you may be subject to a search of your personal effects. The premises are monitored by video camera and your movements may be monitored and recorded.

The following items are prohibited:
Alcoholic beverages, bottles, cans, food products, recording devices (video and audio), weapons and any other items illegal or deemed to be a risk.

Persons possessing any of these items may be denied entry or subject to eviction. Persons denied entry or evicted for any violation of facility rules will not be issued a refund.

Based on that, it doesn't sound as though air horns should be an issue.

ya i have seen that thanks. But it dosent say anything about airhorns. so if anybody knows if they are alowed plz post it here. thanks.

I pretty sure it is okay as long as it is use in a responsible manner

I have heard them when I go to games i tihnk they let ppl use them

Those damn air horns are annoying! Use your voice that's what it is there for.
You think people in front of you want an ear full of air horn? come on.
look how succesfull we all are on defense when everybody is cheering, just keep cheering with your vocal cords. If you are sitting anywhere near me with one of those stupid horns I will tell security that you are ruining my watching the game and I am pretty sure they will agree with me. I don't mean to sound angry but I just hate them. Have fun at the games anyway.

There is nothing wrong with a little horn blowing when the time is right..... I like a fan filled stadium. However, please don't abuse your rights. Some people can OVER DO IT !

stamps fan here, you wont be cheering often enough to use a horn

please, listen hottycowboy.. from the CITY... :stuck_out_tongue: i dont want to be hearin this on the way out to vancouver at 12am in the mornin in Kevs car, cuz 72 hours later, i WILL be signin the Lions song. for 10 hours in kevs car SO find your seat and sit down. wait i think thats wut ur goin to be doin ALL GAME LONG

i dont think there would be a problem with the air horn, if i was you i would call BC place admin, and ask them. they would know

cant wait 2 see you in stamps colors in 3 weeks there lionsfan12, when our stamps kick your ass all over the field on friday

Hotty, you are going to be sick of the sound!

i LOVE THAT SONG :smiley:, its goin to be a looooooong night for u three little boys hotty cowboy. hope u member your cusions. cuz yall goin to be sittin for a long time. and me behind you as well, man, im goin to start feelin bad for ya :smiley: