Aint Ti-cats fans the greatest.

I just wanted to give a solute out to all the ticat fans that make Ivor Wynne look very close to being full almost every game of the year thats there (if I could be there every game I would) I jsut wanted to say Cudose to all you guys for supporting the team at home. Even when were having a bad season (as of now) You still show up to support your team. I wish I could be there everygame but living 3 hours away its hard to get there for everygame (money situation is tight) But I can guarantee You that I will be there Labour Day game for the classic. Have been for the last 5 years now and I dont plan on stopping. Its become a tradition.

I've got to compliment the ti-cat fans with sticking with the team through the tough times and especially the 1-15 season.

I have nothing but respect for all the Ti-Cat fans who proudly wear their black and yellow to Commonwealth and stand up in a sea of Eskimo fans and cheer their team when they finally score in the 3rd quarter to narrow the Eskimo lead to 32 points.

I've got to compliment the ti-cat fans with sticking with the team through the tough times and especially the 1-15 season.
LISTEN UP.. TIMES are a changing??ti-cats needs a new progressive G.M to bring on younger players&push&pull for new play place..35,000 avg possible from loyal fans... GOOD LUCK last 5 to10 years most have been very very painful.............

And the Tabbies signing Khari won't get McManus to smarten up his game? I say that's a bold move to bring him in; even tho he's been a free agent since training camp and he doesn't get signed on by anyone til week 6? At least it can be a step in the right direction.

As for a new "jungle", they did some renovating to "I Never Win" the past couple of years. I don't see them pouring coin into that just to move to new digs 5 or so years down the line.

I don't mind them when there team sucks. But when the team is playing well, they get on my nerves...but Pigskin Pete has gotta go.

I think there's a few Argo fans who wouldn't mind seeing Pigskin Pete rotating on a spit, but at least he gives character to the Ti-Cat games. Like that guy at the Argo games when they still played at the CNE who'd spell out "Argos" then cartwheel on the visitor's dugout after a TD. It's a fan personality who gives the home field some character.

yeah but this guy is like 80 years old. can't they get someone else? this guy can't even do the oskee wewe routine without getting I know it creates a good fan rivalry but that guy needs to give it up.

Agreed, they need to bring in someone younger to take over his role (Pigskin Pete Jr.?), but here's the thing: If you were a Ti-Cat fan, and you've become accustomed to Petey all these years, how would you react to someone else playing his role. Sure it'd be a welcome change, but as a hypothetical Ti-Cat fan, you feel some sort of attachment to him. It was the same way last season when the Argos replaced Scully with that fugly (and somewhat gay) "Bounce family". It just didn't go over that well with some of the fans, myself included.

agreed about the Argo is that? but we finally got Jason back this season. Also the point you made about Pigskin and the cats fans being attached is a good one. That's probably the attitude the front office has as well. That's also probably why McManus is still playing for them.

I dunno…with Khari being signed on to backup Danny Mac, that might not last for much longer… provided Khari can return to the form he had in the 2001 GC with the Stamps.

There is alot of misguided loyalty on the Ti-Cats. They won't yank Danny until the game is too far out of reach for Jones to be a difference. And then when he can't come back, they'll say "We're starting McManus because Jones didn't fair any better".

Ok first and for most I LOVE PIG SKIN PETE. Hes great but I can understand why u Argos fans wouldnt like him. And I have to Pretty much totally agree with Yeast on his Danny comment. Dannys always backed up by everybody its always his recievers faults, or the o lines. Or somebodys fault its never his. Guarantee Khari has a bad game its his fault not anybody elses. Get over Mcmanus Lancaster and the whole Ti-cats organization HES DONE

Now the cats have two immobile qbs they can interchange.

Oh, and Ti-Cat fans are better looking too, right ticats_fan_86!

lol best looking? I don't know, Montreal's got some nice ladies. that reminds me, does any of you ti-cat fans sit in the bench right behind the visitors bench? Box H i think it is. There is one guy with no teeth who looks like Charles Manson. I swear he is a dead ringer for

Note to self...stay away from Box H. lol I don't live in Hamilton so I dodge a bullet with that guy!

just one thing i was wonderring, what is oskiweewee?

Pigskin Pete is fantastic! I love his enthusiasm and his great smile, the Argos would be very lucky to have someone like this guy on board. But he is ours, so there Argo fans!

Ivor Wynne is a great place to watch a game from, so close to the action. It is not in the best part of town but that is fine, it's not like it is dangerous to walk to the stadium from Centre Mall where I park, about 20 minutes away.

When I die, I told my wife I want my ashes thrown onto the field at Ivor Wynne, or if there is a new stadium then there. I grew up in London Ont cheering for the Argos and hating the TiCats. But now that I live and work in Hamilton, I cheer for the TiCats and have season tickets with the wife. Still like to see the Argos successful except when they play the Cats. Maybe I'm the only TiCat fan like this in the world but I can't help my past, that's how I grew up and that is how I feel, can't do much about it.

The TiCats will win the Cup again, most likely not this year but within the next 3 years, you can count on it. Our new owner is committed and we will get the qb and receiver situations figured out.

Oskee Wee Wee; Oskee Wa Wa. Holy Mackinaw; Tigers, eat `em raw.

Yes Yeast#5 we are better looking :wink: But then again doesnt everybody make that statement? So whos telling the truth.......I guess we'll never know for sure :twisted: