Ain't It A Shame?

That the millions of CFL fans in this country can't enjoy their league without having to constantly defend it from the vocal minority who just go on and on and never shutup?

There's some big games this weekend, but all I've read this week is that the CFL's days are basically numbered.

Like, thats a hell of a way to sell tickets and create interest in the league, eh?

Like Don Cherry says. Canadains love to eat their own.
And when it comes to the CFL, these big mouths just can't help themselves.

The insecure have to talk big so they can feel better about themselves.

Its been almost 100 years and they still say the days are Numbered

The fact that the league has been improving a lot and that there are more fans at the games and watching on TV really bothers some. That will never change so it's best to just dismiss it out of hand. We're good, Oh yea!

POor old CFL. Its on its death bed, but the Thanksgiving ratings for both games of the double header were close to 700,000 viewers for each game.

ONly HNIC on Saturday night beat it out as far as viewership goes.

Not bad for a league on its death bed that nobody cares about, eh?

I'm not sure what it is going to take until all these naysars shut up?

2 more teams? maybe more bigger stars? I dunno.

I watched Pratt and Taylor last night the guy they had on there made me realise something. So 4 teams want a better stadium they are going to use this to their advantage to get new ones. All the stadiums they currentky play in are bigger than what is in Toronto and I am not going to pay for a new one. They would be trading down. They would rather go to Germany. Toronto will NEVER get a NFL team.