Ain't broke don't fix it.

Hamilton had it together when beating Montreal 44-21 by putting a running game in the plans.Colbourne had over 100 yards with a TD for example.But the past 2 games the team has focused on a passing game with little imagination and a very silent ground game,I believe if they keep going they will continue to score an average of less than 20 points per game and that is the average of the last 2 games.The defence problems is another can of worms but IF THE COACHING STAFF INCLUDING THE CO-ORDINATORS CONTINUE TO TRY THE SAME PASS DOMINATED GAME AND DEFENSIVE STRATEGY THE TEAM WILL CONTINUE TO LOSE.YOU HAVE THE BEST RUNNERS IN THE LEAGUE LIKE COLBOURNE AND THIGPEN SO USE THEM OR YOU WILL CONTINUE THE DIVE TO THE BASEMENT.

The defensive tackles are broken and need to be fixed. We've had no pass rush up the middle and no run stopping ability from Steele and Smith since training camp. I know they are both young and eager to learn but they are being BLOWN OFF THE LINE with regularity. ENOUGH ALREADY, OBIE! WE NEED HELP! :oops: :oops: :oops:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Stevie Baggs and Avon Cobourne's talents and skills are being wasted.

It's a shame.

This would never have happened in the 80's and it needs to change.......even if it comes from the very top 2 people! (yes, start meddling!) :wink:

Agreed. Baggs and Hickman have been holding forte on the ends although Steele and Smith are the collapsing cards and need to be remedied.

On the other end, Ticat guards/OL have been horrendous with the opposing rush and lack of openings for Colbourne who has had only 30 yards rushing the last two games! (only 2yds against Montreal)