Aikman on RTP..."Take the dresses off"

LInk to a story below.

Apparently Troy Aikman doesn't agree with soft RTP calls, and voices his opinion.

CFL has been seeing these kinds of calls for years.


the misogynistic dresses comment was inappropriate.

i watch a lot of womens sports. womens rugby owns football in so many ways. they are unreal athletes and tough as railroad spikes. f*ck troy and his bs. there are ways to express his opinion without being a dick and diminishing women as athletes.

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While I agree with his sentiment on RTP, I agree with you in that he probably didn’t help his cause any with the phrasing.

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the problematic part of his phrasing isn’t whether it helps his cause. it’s that comments like his (from a place of male and sports privilege) continue to perpetuate toxic ideals that men who don’t play tackle football his way aren’t real men somehow, as well as the notion of women and women’s sport being weaker and less important than than men and their games. it’s outdated bullshit. this is exactly what toxic masculinity looks like.

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Right... he was trying to make a point that RTP calls have gotten too soft. (I agree with that point)

He blew it, and undermined his own argument in the process, with his choice of how he said it. In essence, he violated the cardinal rule of reporting... the reporter became the story.

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You don't like that Troy said something supposedly derogatory and sexist and then you call him a dick. Both insults sound similar in nature.
As for women's sports being weaker and less important, one only need to look at the fact that every major sports game is played by men. The stadiums around the world are full of fans watching men play. Sorry if the truth bursts your feminist bubble but I prefer the truth.
Why get so worked up about what someone says anyway ?


It seems there are calls starting for the NFL to make RTP reviewable. There is also resistance to this. I'm interested to see how it shakes out.

Without being a dick and expanding on your comment, I'll just say I completely agree with your words. Now I go back to banging those (mine) pots and pans.

Firstly, I agree he used the wrong kind of language in stating his opinion.
Secondly, I don't expect to know the answer to this in my lifetime. but I wonder if Aikman will make it to his final rest without ending up in a wheelchair and/or ending up with dementia. That's the point of all these rule changes; to allow players to have a life after their playing days are done.