Aids and tutorials for Higgins!

[i]OK, Higgins. You are awful at coaching special teams. So, Johnny is gonna help you (anybody else is free to offer coach help as well). Make sure you take in all this material before Sunday's game!

First: Read this book. Now, don't just look at the pictures, read it!

[url=] ... cial-teams[/url]

Then, study this website carefully! it's made for people who are slow on the uptake… Perfect for you Higgins!

[url=] ... Teams.html[/url]

And finally, watch this DVD and absorb the material from the master Jeff Reinebold. Yes Higgins, you are so bad that the awful Reinebold made you his b*tch last game.

[url=] ... rills.aspx[/url]

Get to work Higgins :cowboy: [/i]

I'll throw in the reading glasses.