Was anybody else surprized and mildly happy to see Kojo in the game on offense more than once? i saw him during the third to give Radlien a breather and also at the end there. id like to see him get more time. Holmes as well. I dont understand all this hype about little Anthony Davis because he doesnt produce. Play Aidoo more!

Let's be honest: the way the o-line was blocking prior to last night's game, our running game almost NEVER produced, regardless of who was taking handoffs! A healthy Ranek helped, surely, but the biggest difference in the ground game was the line playing with intensity, and just hammering Winnipeg's front 4 on run plays. Having Davis on our roster is a huge benefit in the long-run.

I would like to see Aidoo come in a little more, if only to keep him sharp in case he ever needs to fill in for a longer spell. Holmes should probably be used more, but I think the (otherwise painfully bad) TSN panel last night was correct in saying that the Cats haven't figured out what to do with him yet. He doesn't need a ton of touches, and co-existed quite well with Kenton Keith in Saskatchewan, but bringing him in as a slot receiver or just to overload the backfield wouldn't be a bad idea.

Is it just me or has Kojo packed on some weight?

Kojo has always been a big fella.