aidoo and holsey cut

No surprises here. Holsey did nothing in his short stint with Hamilton last year, and Aidoo did nothing in his entire career with Hamilton (besides collect cheques).

Wouldn't be surprised if four or five more '06 Cats are shown the door before training camp his year.

Stay tuned.

With Jessie a Signed to a long Term Deal.
Aidoo was going to be Cut
Holsey was just a Fill in

No big Losses

Aidoo was very reliable, and when given the chance reasonably efeective.

All he ever was going to be was a special teams demon, and a back-up RB.

I liked him in his special teams roll, and although awkward looking thought he did an OK job with the ball in his hands! long as he held onto the football. He's too big for a RB, and too small for a FB. WAY too overpaid to play on special teams.

The only reason Aidoo was on the Ticats was because he was a Marshall Marauder. Look for more of "Marshall's favourites" to be cut by DJD very soon.

Since when is 1 season + option long term?

Good post

too small for a FB eh

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and Julian is how much bigger?

[url=] ... ros_id=304[/url]

To save you some time Kojo 6' 245 & Julian is 6'2" 245 I guess 2 inches in height is the real factor in who is a FB and who is not.

I agree with both of these cuts and generally, I agree with all of the cuts todate, with the possible exception of D.J. Flick.
I don't even resent the fact that our defensive ends from last year are gone.

New season = new system = different personnel.

We have to place our trust in the new management who are light years ahead of anyone here in terms of football knowledge.

ticatsackattack wrote:

Wouldn't be surprised if four or five more '06 Cats are shown the door before training camp his year.
Good point, ticatsackattack. With the release of Kojo Aidoo and Bernard Holsey, the Ticats now have 72 players on their roster. Even if they do not sign anyone else between now and training camp, they will have to release four more players to reach the 68 player roster limit (plus current year draft choices) by the first day of training camp on June 2/07.

A glance at the current Ticat roster indicates that there are:

15 receivers
12 offensive linemen
11 linebackers
15 defensive backs

Releasing one player from each of those position groupings would pare the roster down to 68 players. Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins has some tough decisions to make in the near future.

That doesn't include special teams does it?

How the heck do you know how much he made ?? I think he was a pretty good backup and a good special teams player . It`s a numbers problem for him at the RB position . Doesnt mean he wont get picked up by another CFL team .

I think we should have kept Aidoo...As for Holsey I do not remember him...Aidoo is a big player who can play a lot of different positions and I think he deserved another chance...I also think (even though this roster is over crowded as it is) that we should sign another running back...If one running back should get injured in the current trifecta of Lumsden, Davis, and Holmes I do not think it would be wise to only have two active running backs should one get injured...I know some people will say you cannot plan on somebody getting hurt but lets face it, what is depth for?...However this whole post could be misleading if the Cats have some fourth running back I do not know of.

Both good moves...with Aidoo being the most obvious. I'm surprised he held onto his job as long as he did.

with Cheatwood,Cotton and now Holsey gone will we be the only team in CFL history to start a all Canadian front 4 ?

I think Everyone will Miss someone who was cut.
James Cotton and DJ Where two I will personaly

James Sence of Humor his love the of the game
His love of life I Had great Respect for.
DJ Was Great with the Kids
He was on with his Random Idea.
He Even did a Blog From Camp one time.

Times Change
I would have loved see these
Guys in black and gold This year.
we all have to move on.

Marcel has be given a season or two to bring his vision to life

That means more players going and new ones comming in.

Anthony Davis is the fourth running back, and a good one.

Aidoo will come back to burn us, , He is a good Canadian back, regardless of some posters prejudice, he quietly did his job as asked, and never complained,G,M- better have some high quality nfl cuts in camp, or it will be another long season----0&4 and there,s the door! :twisted: