Ahman Green

Alouettes GM Jim Popp must be thinking Cheesehead even though his football heart is thinking Steelers.

The Alouettes have signed former Green Bay star Ahman Green, the Packers' alltime leading rusher to a tryout for 2011.

Green played in the obscurity of the UFL in 2010, hoping it would be his ticket back to the NFL. As recently as 2007 he signed a $23-million dollar deal with the Houston Texans.

The move is potentially the most dramatic at the tailback position since the Als brought Lawrence Phillips in to compete against Mike Pringle in 2002.

It comes with 2009 Grey Cup MVP Avon Cobourne a potential free agent mid-February, though Cobourne and his agent former Alouette Tim Fleiszer have told CJAD his preference is to return to Montreal.

WOW! Let's see how this pans out.


I doubt Green makes it past training camp even if the story's true.

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Rick Moffat....

Reminds me of Quincy Carter, all star NFL qb cut the first day of camp.

Quincy Carter was an "all star" NFL qb ? Not to my recollection. . .

Sounds like Popp is hedging his bets, just in case things don't go well and little AC decides to try his luck elsewhere.

For the Als to be successful a running game is absolutely essential! Even though AC has racked up very impressive stats (and may indeed establish new ones that may never be broken), a one-dimensional team will be easier to defence. By cleverly disguising pass plays and tossing the screen, end-around, off-tackle smash, up-the-gut....etc. you keep the opposing D guessing. Simply put, we must have a running game with skilled rushers. Personally, I hope we reach an agreement with little AC. It's always good to know, however, that there is someone else around who is capable of getting the job done.

I still hope we see Avon back.

And any good GM (which Popp certainly is) would hedge his bets and be bringing in more running backs. . . whether Cobourne signs or not.

I thought he was...my bad, I checked his stats haha ur right!

Ahman Green has only been signed to a tryout, like dozens more will be, until training camp; only a few will be invited to the training camp. Another O.J.Santiago?

Green is 33 -34 on February,16-;since the end of 2006 football season,he played in 22 games,rushed 185 times and gained 714 yards. Nothing to write home about!

Avon -yes he will be signed/he is signed- does not have to worry.


X2 and kickers....

Richard V- Yes I remember O.J. Santiago- he had to be worst " name " player to suit up for our team. When he finally started a game he produced two bonehead plays then he was gone! This is another example of what can happen to those successful players who just get older and lose their skills. Reportedly he reported to camp in excellent shape but, he had passed his peak years.

Que les Alouettes veuillent tester Green n'est pas une mauvaise idée, mais il aura de la compétition. Les Alouettes ont embauché Alston aussi, et ce sera au camp d'entraînement qu'on verra ce qu'ils valent tous les deux.

Il est normal que Popp veuille tester d'autres joueurs. Son rôle est d'améliorer l'équipe, et les succès ne doivent pas le relalentir de ce côté.

De cette façon, Popp se donne des possibilités tant du côté d'un joueur plus jeune que du côté d'un joueur d'expérience.

Le frais souvenir de Santiago n'est pas pertinent. Que Santiago ait foiré ne signifie pas que Green va foirer, ni qu'il ne foirera pas. C'est un autre joueur, et le rendement de l'un ne peut avoir de rapport avec le rendement de l'autre.

Nous verrons bien.

Je préférerais savoir Cobourne de retour, mais je commence à croire qu'il va tester le marché.

All players are replaceable yet Cobourne's running, blocking, receiving etc have been a huge part of our offensive play. I do hope he will return. In Matthew's days he brought in someone from the NCAA year after year without sucess. Finally he gave Erik Lapointe the opportunity and, this CIS grad turned in great performances until injuries finally brought him down. However, I don't think we have another EL with the present team. The University of Laval does have a draftable back who would be a good candidate and has NI status.

I'd say this move is tactical more than anything.
Not to give Avon a swelled head or anything...
but the little guy has been a huge part of the Als success the last few years

Given the chance he could lead the league in rushing...he has the talent
But that's not his main virtue...

A few years back my friends and I used to throw a football around in front of my house
One night a "little guy" showed up...started tossing the ball around with us
Claimed to be a running back...was going to start the next season in the NFL
I asked how he felt about blocking for the quarterback
He got all cocky....talking about he was a running back and didn't need to do no blocking
We've seen the type...needless to say...he didn't make it.

And still...despite being the best blocking tailback I've ever seen...it's not his greatest virtue.

And when Corey Boyd shows up....people oooing and ahhhhing
And Cobourne has a 100/100 game
Or always I mean always shows up in the post season
Even when he's almost totally ignored the whole rest of the year
But that's not the best of Avon Cobourne

I've been watching the season over and one play struck me.
Calvillo muffed a snap and had to go down to protect the ball.
Little Avon Cobourne rushed to his QB and draped himself over him
Protecting his quarterback and his team from harm

That's the thing about Little AC
You see it in his interaction with the offensive line
Or how he cheered on Whitaker when he did well
The way he blocks on a sweep

It's a cliché I know...
But let's face it...a cliché that's been at the heart of Trestman's philosophy since his arrival
It's all about the team
A lot of players pay lip-service to it
But players like Avon Cobourne epitomise, embody it...
And in so doing become a type of glue that binds together a championship team
That's not to say he won't complain if he's ignored and doesn't get his touches
But he knows...as do we all...that if the Als have balance...the Als will win.

It might be debatable...whether the Alouettes would have won last year if they hadn't smartened up and started giving the ball to Cobourne.
But I don't have any doubt...teams need players like Little AC if they want to win.

No question.

Interesting. Deidrick hooked Green up with Popp. Considering he wants to be here for one season he better have a fantastic camp....

Green said Monday that Dahrran Diedrick, who has played four-plus seasons for Montreal, put him in touch with Alouettes management. Both Green and Diedrick played at Nebraska.

The CFL season begins in June, and Green said he's hopeful an NFL team will give him another opportunity.

Not that I complain as an Eskie fan, but on the case of Ahman Green I don’t get it as far as interest in such a player up there.


Pursuant to his status as a third-round draft pick in 1998, Green had an overall exceptional NFL career with his core years from 2000-2004 in Green Bay. A third-round draft pick for a running back in those days in general was really low for expectations too, as in either “he’s an overlooked steal!”, as turned out to be true, or “well he’s such a fine athlete that he might be a solid 3rd-down back or turn out to be a very good special teams player anyway if he does not work out.”

Starting in 2000, Green had so much highlight material almost every week especially for those of you who also remember ESPN’s Chris Berman’s legendary calls on “NFL Primetime” on his plays too.

[url=http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/G/GreeAh00.htm]http://www.pro-football-reference.com/p ... eeAh00.htm[/url]

In 2005, Green suffered some injury and was hobbled for that season to return for one more mediocre season with his Packers in 2006. Since 2004, Green’s been nothing to write home about ever since including in his last woeful stint in the awful UFL.

As evidenced in this year’s draft, and as shown by the fine performance of low-round draft picks or even undrafted RBs last season not to neglect to mention half the rushing leaders as 3rd-rounders or lower, nowadays there is sort of a running back shortage down here for the pro level of ability too.

Part of this shortage is also from fewer college teams than ever running a traditional ball control or pro set offence as opposed to the spread offence that has taken college football by storm in especially the Big 12 and SEC. The current trend in the NFL to counter more 3-4 defences than ever is to spread things out, so other than the QB shortage a premium is put on prototype WRs, DEs, OTs, OLBs, and CBs over inside positions. Watch this year how the draft picks will reflect that tendency too.

And then in still using the tight end for the passing game though with its role diminishing, the NFL teams don’t want just “spread offence” backs like you see in an otherwise decent back with few carries like Tim Hightower in Arizona. They want it both ways now. (I’m with some of you guys in that they need to at least widen the field to say 60 yards down here to open things up for the faster and bigger modern players anyway)

Even so, there are so many young backs out there with the skills from NCAA ball to work in a professional spread offence such as you have dominantly in the CFL plus with also NFL teams with West Coast offences down here.

Quite simply I am surprised that a CFL team would opt to go with a solid has-been over a player with say one or two years NFL training seasoning and great potential ahead of him of which there are quite a few.

Past examples of current great CFL success along those lines include Reynolds, Whitlock, and Cory Boyd.

We’re not going with Green over anyone else. He’ll be competing with Whitaker, Bernard, and Marc at TC for a spot.