AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK IM AM DISGUSTED AND DOWNRIGHT PO’D…THE RENEGADES HAD THE GAME.THEY SCORED 21 POINTS IN THE FIRST HALF AND 0 yah thats ritght a 0 in the second half that is not acceptable and that is a jokee and terrible for the fans, also Yo Murphy dropped that sure touchdown which the renegades would have had the lead and momentum and everything and i believe the game too but HE DROPPED IT OMG HE TERRIBLE!!! AND IF IT WASNT FOR THAT STUPID 2 DeFEENSICE TDS BY WINNIPEG…NOT ONE GUY TACKED ROBERTS ALL GAME THATS A DISGRACE>…OTTAWA SHUOLD OF HAD THIS GAME OMG …ALSO WHY THE IS CUTOLO GONE…THEY PUT IN QUIRGA FOR HIM WHICH HE DIDNT DO A THING IT WAS LIKE YUO HAVE TO ASK YOURSELF WAS HE EVEN ON THE FIELD…HE HAD A 5 YARD POINTLESS WATETIME CATCH WITH 6 SECONDS LEFT…I MEAN EVEN FRANK CUTOLO WAS BETTEr THAN THAT>…stupid move to let go cutolo atleast put him on practise roste or dont start him for a couple games and fix his dropsies…OMG THIS ISNT ACCEPTABLE AND THE WORST TEAM IN THELEAGUE IS OTTAWA…I HAVE NO CLUE HOW THEY WON 5 GAMES THEY

I dont think this is acceptable for the boards, Bombers won!!!

well im just trying to get all of my anger out cuz im EXTREMELY ANGRY…oh and RENEGADES SPECIAL TEAMS MAKE THE LEAGUE LOOK ST(UPID…teeeeeeeeeeeeeeraibleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

I understand how you feel. Felt like that when the Bombers lost those games not to long ago but you cant just say that your team sucks and jump off the bandwagon before it has even slowed down (makes it a b**** to get back on). And what about Hamilton. You guys can't be the worst team in the league. And I agree that Cutolo should be playing.

And sorry but I feel like rubbing this in Ottawa fans' faces.