AHHH... now we know

From TSN today;

Jesse Lumsden tweaked his ankle after his big catch and run play in the third just before Terry Caulley's touchdown on Saturday. He was pulled late in the game as the coach's decision. His ankle was 90 percent going in and it was sore.

There had to be a reason for his limited play... I guess this was it. He didn't seem too quick against the Lions.

YES but this was in the third quarter . What was their excuse in the first half ?


read it again. 90% going in. that 10% is the difference between being Jesse, and being average. Starting off sore means they wanted to not stress it too much, and intended to use jesse mostly for decoy.

Jesse's hurt again, recurring theme, just keep Cauley in the game, all around better player, Jesse is in his option year , if he leaves who will take the chance and give him big money

You will be surprised.

Jesse was just on the news and said he wasn't hurt again. Tweaked his ankle, as he put it, but was ready for the next series. So it was a coaching decision and not the best one I would say.