Ahhh Football Youbet

I have yet to have someone tell me that they wish the CFL/argos would die

they are out there. I often read such comment on the internet.

Also, most anyone who says that CFL is crap and they want NFL in Canada/TO has to know that in order to get NFL in Toronto, CFL/Argos would have to be gone and they either want that, or just dont care.

They are called trolls

If an NFL team came to Canada, you would want it to die .
Why is it ok for you?

because when it comes down to between and NFL team in a Canadian city VS a CFL team in the same city, it come down to 2 things.

1 - CFL was here first
2 - CFL is the Canadian league/game.

I wouldnt care if they put an NFL team somewhere where it would not interfere with CFL, although I am not sure where that could be

But if they put a team in Toronto, you would want it to die...there is no difference

And you still support the NFL!
You watch, CTV/bell gets better ratings. the NFL charges more for rights The NFL makes money because you watch

NFL is free on CTV, CFL you have to pay to watch.

Lets not watch the NFL until Bell puts the CFL on CTV
Lets not watch NFL at all if we really want to support the CFL

I watch every CFL game unless something else comes up in my life to interfere with that a time or two. NFL does not interfere with that.

IF it was a choice between the end of a CFL team in a Canadian city, or the end of an NFL team in same city. Why wouldnt I as a Canadian and long time CFL fan want the CFL team to be the team that survives. I make no apologies for that. To me there is a big difference between my choice and anyone in Canada choosing the opposite

I don't see a difference

You still support the NFL by watching and chastise others for supporting them

Lets continue this another time.....but have the last word if you like

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I went to a cricket match once on free tickets (watched some all star game which was apparently very important back when the SkyDome opened)

I swear no matter how much I tried I could not wrap my head around the rules (which seem simple...)

Funny story is we became buds with the security guy there as anytime we left seats (it was like 6 hours? long) he was grilling us for info on how game was going

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In Toronto???

There are more "wish Argos would die" fans than there are people who can tell me the score from most recent game

Tons of em everywhere from work to social circles, from the young to the old

They really do look down on CFL as minor league

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And you know this from all the billboards and t-shirts and advertisements in the paper?

Being indifferent does not mean they want them to die

Personally I think its your inability to accept their indifference that leads you to believe that

I find the NFL boring. If you can't get ten yards with 4 downs then you shouldn't be playing. AND the hype from the media is overwhelming. Did we land on the moon again /did we discover a cure for cancer ? Nah, just the start of the regular NFL season. Every station had news about it and the sports shows were hours long on all the time. So much hype makes me wonder. Similar to the Emperor's clothes.

Just my opinion. I still try to watch once in a while but can't get into it. Our game is way more exciting.

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I've had people from Toronto literally say "I wish the Argos would just die." That's usually followed by something like "so we can get a real (i.e. NFL) team". It was a common sentiment, stoked by Steve Simmons, IIRC, in the 90s. I've met several GenXers from the GTA who still make the same type of comment when the Argos or CFL come up in conversation. I know it might sound surprising if you've never lived in Toronto, but I find it's a fairly common attitude.


Fine....but so what?
People don't have to like something just because you(not you specifically) like it

How many times have I heard Toronto should be embarrassed with the Argo attendance!!

Why should they be embarrassed?
I dont like hockey. Should I hide my head in shame?

Condemning people for not liking something is no better than condemning them for liking it

Wishing a team die is no worst than praying a team is not created....but then support it just the same

This is exactly what I've been saying for years!

There's no such thing as broken tackles or YAC in the NFL.

1 Austin EkelerLAC 2 13 14 91 7 0 45.5 119
2 Clyde Edwards-HelaireKC 2 7 7 76 10.9 2 38 89
3 Javonte WilliamsDEN 1 11 12 65 5.9 0 65 85
4 Justin JeffersonMIN 1 9 11 184 20.4 2 184 81
5 Gerald EverettLAC 2 9 14 125 13.9 1 62.5 73
6 Jerry JeudyDEN 1 4 7 102 25.5 1 102 71
7 Ja'Marr ChaseCIN 1 10 16 129 12.9 1 129 64
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I agree with you there. I don't there's any special reason anyone has to like the Argos or the CFL. Rather, it's the Argos' and league's job to convince them to like the product.

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I have heard it for decades in person .

But if you need proof ... in print

Just go on twitter or read any comments on any CFL media news outlet that allows comments and you will see it as clear as day .

Any radio talk show in audible form

let alone in person .

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I remember this quote from decades ago .

The CFL is like porn people watch it and like it but they are afraid to admit it ..... something like that can't remember who said it but it was used for years .

I think RO completely misses the point that it's not indifference ..... that is an easy fix but hate goes to higher level where suppourt of the CFL is seen as going to watch porn .

You are seen as less for endorsing the product .

That is a completely different battle to fight especially in Toronto where it's accepted to piss on the CFL as good etiquette .

IIRC, that was a Jim Hunt line.

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