Ahhh an Ottawa sports team wins a game!!!

Go Sens!!!!!

Didn't play all that well but we basically did to the Leafs what they usually do to us....

Hasek... i recognized some of those moves which so frustrated me when he was with the Sabres...

Lindros - try that again on Fisher... I bet you anything that'll never happen again! And yeah... keep playing like that buddy... in no time you'll be hurt with you new chum Sundin.

I hate the Leafs!

So what if you hate the Leafs, beat us when it counts than you can brag. Lindros will do that to Fisher all game long and there isn't a think Fishboy can do about it.

But on another note, the Gades really need to win tonight, or it's goodbye season.

Ahhhh another game where Ottawa wins.... Great D Gades...

"GADES" - Lindros won't be able to play like that and not expect to get hit... And that's the big question with him! Just wait till the Monday game in Ottawa... Lindros is on the wrong team if durability is the question.

Sens will crush on Monday!

Lindros will be just fine, no need to worry about him, but thanks for your concern.

ho-hum we shall see... There a diff btw giving a hit and taking a hit.

He's in the wrong division and will break down... It's not like he's a #1 center or anything... And you argue that he is, then why is he tying to play so physical then?

He was playing on adrenaline and that won't last.

Expect a blueprint on how to be the Leafs to be exposed vs Montreal tonight. Speed vs you

i've never argued that he was a #1 centre, because i know he's not. that title belongs to mats sundin, who at the moment as you know is out with an eye injury. Just wait until Jason Allison shakes off the rust, because he is gonna have a heck of a year.

so let me get this straight u leaf fans think that your team is so special that when a guy thats had like 10 conncusions comes to ur team that we shouldent worry about him. Reality check he will get a conncusion this year especialy if hes playing the way he is know

Ottawa 5
Buffalo 0


tipher - 100% agree - with Ottawa, Philly in Lindros' division he's not going to be able to play that way all year.

Somehow Leaf fans think that in hockey you give hits,,, but they forget that you need to be able to take them as well...

5-0 Ottawa - and the Sabres are a pretty good team...

Monday is going to be a Thanksgiving feast for Ottawa!!!!

The only thing that I regret this season about the Leafs is that they are going to finish in 30th so they will get the first draft pick. Don't worry though, they'll probably trade it to Detroit for Chelios or something so we don't have to worry.

lol, i love how ottawa fans are happy after the first 2 games of the season. Remember folks, it's an 82 game schedule, anything can happen between now and April.

MM, last time i checked, philly wasn't in the same division as the leafs, same conference, but not division. Leaf fans know about giving and taking, it's Sens fans who don't know how to focus on winning instead of beating the leafs. It was pretty sad to look in the Sun last week, and instead of reading on ways how to win the cup, they printed ways on how to beat the leafs. It's quite sad when a whole city focuses on beating one team instead of focussing on winning the Cup.

Best of luck to the Sens on Monday.