Ahh Geez Louise

But you have to admit that Troy Westwood the Wpg kicker who started that whole thing was a marketing genius.. fills the stands every year. The other CFL cities like Ham & T.O. And Cal & Edm play their Labour Day & return series but they are no way close to Bombers -Riders in intensity.
And Wpg / Old Fort Garry was famous for it's Buffalo hunts in the 1800s. Over 1000 Ox Carts would participate. Maybe Rider fans could refer to Pegers as "Ox Cart Jockeys" !


Doesn’t have the same awesomeness as Combine Pilots but I see where you’re going there…

What I found funny was the guy with the mullet calling someone else an inbred lol..

Actually Wpg and surrounding area is noted for it's Red River gumbo soil. Fences have trouble standing straight, foundations crack so another term could be:
"Gumbo Muckers"
Oops did I say that. I'm going to get flagged for sure !
Hey i'm just a Bomber fan trying to be nice to a Rider stalwart..
however during the season I hope a plague of hybrid grasshoppers eat up the artificial turf at Mosaic !

Don't know that fits.... Winnipeg was built as a crossroads of the waterways leading west, which was how Regina, Saskatoon, Edmonton, and Calgary came to be - by boat and canoe before we built a railway or two.


This kind of headwear may also protect against dive bombing mosquito's...


Lately our dive bombing mosquitos have employed loud sirens to increase our terror levels during their bombing runs. I think we're starting to crack. Everyone's running low on Stuka Mosquito Repellant. CAN ANYONE HELP US?!!! :grimacing:

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The mosquitos on the west coast are much more civilized, we invite them to parties.


I've seen those mosquitos. When those show up I ditch the repellant for a full body condom. "Std" is the sound these things make (I hear them at night during 'Happy Hour').

I always practice 'Safe Mosquito' Porky.

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Back to the topic the CFL is ignoring anyone know if there's a chance of a cancellation because of this? Is Sask practicing today?

No practice today. As of 3 pm there was no word on a possible game cancellation.


OK, this is not good. Thanks, (I think😉).


And be honest now.. does everyone other than farmers live in Trailer Parks.
And do they still makes Sicks Bohemian ..


Actually I lived in Saskatoon from '65-71 and it was a super place... and
Sicks Bohemian beer, made in PA was $3.60 dozen

For the record, I'm more than a little disgusted with CFL.ca for ignoring this issue. Apparently ostriches don't stick their heads in the sand, pity we can't say the same about this site. :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

I am just surprised someone doesnt try to blame CFL lack of response on this issue on Trudeau.

I'm glad BigDaddyJazz clarified that comment a bit. I thought he was having an episode of 'Word Salad' (not sure if that's possible on a keyboard). :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Everybody else is already reporting it. I would bet they are running through scenarios for what to do if they do cancel.

Toronto has already had 2 bye week and only has one left that doesn't match with a Riders bye week so....you end up with the 3 games in 10 days thing like last year. I doubt it's an exciting prospect for Toronto who did it last year.

So....how now brown cow? Forfeit and BC can tie them in the standings this week and overhaul them when they play next week with two suspended players and a bunch of guys recovering from Covid....


Around here all the farmers live in mansions.


Things sure have changed...

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