ah....the memories...(1972 Grey Cup)

The 1972 Grey Cup win @ home, including rookie Ian Sunter's game winning FG (with no time on the clock), icons Angelo Mosca and Garney Henley raising the Cup and giving interviews, Mayor Vic Copps interview, and CBC Commentator Pat Marsden announcing the game MVP (Chuck Ealey) and MVCanadian (Ian Sunter)


Classic gritty TiCats team.

*thanks to DanEcho for uploading the clip.

8) The 1972 Grey Cup team will be honoured at the TiCat Alumni, Wall of Honour dinner this Thursday night, starting
  at 6pm at Carmens Banquet Centre.

  An excellent opportunity for fans to meet and chat with a lot of these players from that 72 Grey Cup team !!
  The team will also be honoured at half-time at this last game on Saturday afternoon.

   Also being added to the Wall of Honour this year, are former TiCat standouts, Bob Krouse and Willie Bethea.

    I have attended these dinners for the past several years, and it is always a great evening of entertainment
     for any football fan !!!

Great post tangledweb. Great to see some of the old faces.

Pat Marsden never worked for the CBC ... he was the voice of CFL Football on CTV.

You are thinking of Ernie Afaganis who was a fixture at Grey Cup broadcasts representing the CBC.

actually, near the end of the clip, Ernie Afraganis introduces Pat Marsden for the latter to announce the winners of the Grey Cup MVP, and MVCanadian in which you can clearly hear Pat dictate the results.

Perhaps Pat performed some freelance work for the CBC, or there was a Grey Cup affiliation with CTV? not sure..

There was indeed an affiliation. In fact, the Grey Cup game used to be shared between the two networks. At one time, one network had its crew do the broadcast for half the game, and the other network did the other half. Don't ask me the dates, the memory isn't good enough for that. In the 60s this happened, not sure about the situation in '72.

Bob Krouse had a hell of a game for the Cat Defence and should have been the top Canadian but they gave it to the skinny soccer player. Go figure! Krouse played from 1963 to 1975 and had 4 Grey Cup wins and finally was recognized this year on the wall of fame, along with Willie Bethea. I can remember #14 making an endzone interception in a Grey Cup game and totally shutting down Margene Atkins in the eastern playoffs in the 60s. Bob was "Hammer Tough" and is finally getting his due. I'm looking forward to seeing all the names back on the wall in the new stadium at Ivor Wynn. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy who can still remember some stuff)

Yes it did happen in '72.

8) Yes "Pat Lynch", I remember that Eastern Final well in 1967. It was the old 2 game total points format , and the TiCat
  defence shut down good old Margene "Oleo" Adkins, virtually taking him out of those 2 games.

  No matter what side of the field that Adkins lined up on, the TiCat linebackers, and cornerbacks would knock him down
  at the line of scrimmage, before he could get out on his pass route, rendering him in effective !!

  Ahhh, such good memories of that best all time CFL TiCat defence of 1967 !!!   

  Not a touchdown scored against them in the last 3 or 4 regular season games, and no touchdowns against in the 2 game
  Eastern Finals, plus the Grey Cup game !!!

My apologies … didn’t recall Marsden being part of the brodcast post game.

no biggie diesel. :thup:

Absolutely agree with the comments above. Bob Krouse was a fantastic corner linebacker. And that '67 defence was incomparable. I can recall several quick kicks by Joe Zuger in that season... second and long? No problem, give it to the other team deep in their end and our defence will get the ball back for us in better field position.