Agustin Barreneachea cut by Ed

Strange the people you meet in the pogy line now a days. Will Obie try and bring him back to Hammerton. :expressionless:

Is he better than Ray Mariuz? Bring him back now we have a huge hole in the middle of our defence. :roll:

Barreneachea was clueless at reading plays. (Note: making great tackles after the guy's got eight yards is of minimal value.)

I dearly hope the Cats have zero interest in bringing him back.

Old blog post from Ken Peters.

I can remember speaking to Mike McCarthy about Auggie.
He said that the Cats only ever intended to have him as a stud special teamer.
Auggie busted his butt and made the most of his talent.
If the $$$ are right I would love to have him back as a special teamer and back-up to Ray M.

If he’s brought back to play special teams only, I’d be for it. But if he’s back to challenge for a starting LB spot, I’d be against it. Auggie cannot stop the run. The whole league knows it, and would run the ball at him every time if he started in Hamilton.

Pssst they're pretty much already doing that now with our current LB's.

I like Auggie. He had a few mental moments, but overall I think he's a team guy, but not a starter. Good depth guy though.

he is back in Black and gold

I like Augie and am happy to see him back in Hamilton. I'm not really sure what he gives us though... I think Ray Mariuz will have a larger role with the team-- he's a better LB I believe, and better as a ST guy too. Augie gives us some of the same things as Ray, but to a slightly lesser degree. So it's not really an addition of needed new skills here. I guess he'll be a backup at MLB, whereas Ray plays outside. There is a small possibility that Ray will start, at least in some games, depending on how ratio decisions work out. I don't think Augie will start at all. Still, he's a good guy whose work ethic and character are excellent. That's always worth something.

Special teams players play a critical role in team success
because of the many top notch kick/punt returners in the CFL.

IMO, whether Augie starts many plays on Defence or not,
a proven players like him is a significant aquisition.

IMO, as well, Augie and Ray Mariuz are two
of the best downfield tacklers in the league.

It's great that Obie got us another strong downfield tackler
just like he did last year with hometown boy, John Williams.