Agro's TV & Friday's game. Argo's TV 2nd Rate vs. Ticats TV

Not that is means anything but Ticats TV is much more polished then Argo's I'm biased! :rockin:

Here's what some of the Argo's have to say about Friday's game.

Let's not disappoint, get your buts to TO and cheer the Cats on!

When the Cat's score look up to the hotel rooms...if you see a Ticats flag waving out of one of the rooms...Dat's me!

Go Cats Go! :rockin:
See ya there!

Don't fall out trying to catch Argo point after TD's. You'll probably get lots of chances. :stuck_out_tongue:
I don't know which games those clips were from, showing the Argos manhandling the TiCats, but they have had lots to choose from. :cowboy:

Ha ha! Touche, DB. You just wait! You're in for a back to back backside paddlin'!!! Be afraid. The Tigers are comin'! The Tigers are comin'!!

If you're anywhere south of Bloor, you'll hear us getting off the buses!

why do they have a guy doing Argos tv...
he sounds weird lol

That would be Toronto's answer to the Brooklyn accent: the Woodbridge accent.

Yea, well at least the Argo TV videos don’t lag! :wink: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=59337

He sounds horrible lol

lmao :lol:

hey that was a problem with my computer not TiCats tv, which i have now fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

funny though, still gotta say TiCats tv wins in this war :lol: (and they will prevail on winning the war on the field tonight!)