Why would they trade for him and then release him. He's a former cfl allstar, only 27 years old and a hometown guy. Big mistake by Argos here

no link?

there is no link the agros wont release a statement on the matter but I have a very good source on the situation

Karikari has been taken off the Argo roster on and the Argo site.


Gone and no statement....I guess the Agros want to keep us all in the dark.

He should sign in Hamilton..

Quickly mentioned at the very bottom.

why would they trade for a guy, then cut him BEFORE camp?

legal problems? ( they'd have to be really serious for the argos to cut him for that reason )

or perhaps he refused to renegotiate his contract?

finaly some good news some one to replace davin bush in the db spot in saskatchewan… omar is gonna edit balls in e town

Now here's a novel idea.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone in the print media, Toronto or elsewhere, would get off their keester and write something about WHY Karikari was released?

It would be nice to know.

Too bad our scribes have chosen to ignore this story.


I've heard NOTHING about this in the English Montreal media -- goddamn hacks. Something has to be up. Why would they trade to get him, then release him before camp? Legal problems they can't talk about?

Beth Waldman of the Argo’s communications advised that Karikari became a free agent February 15th and they were unable to reach an agreement on a new contract.
However, this year should have been his option year IMO. I think there has to be more to the story…because nobody else has snapped him up.

There has to be more to this story...too bad no one is following up on it. Karikari was a free agent 2 seasons ago; Montreal and Winnipeg got into a bidding war and he re-signed in how the heck could he get to be a F/A now?? If he re-signed for a year and an option, someone in the media should be asking why the Argos refused the option and let him go F/A after trading to get him.....

But no one has!!

Why not??

All we have is that quick little mention in the Winnipeg paper noted above and one brief comment half way down this article by Marty York found here:

So why is there this conspiracy of silence about this? I even emailed Rick Matsumoto at the Toronto Star, but he didn't even bother to acknowledge receipt.

I don't understand why the trade was made, why he's been let go F/A, why the sports media seems committed to ignore this story, and why no one has picked him up yet......certainly you would think Hamilton and Saskatchewan at least would be interested in a Canadian safety.

Wish someone could answer those 4 burning questions......

I can see some reporters who want to stay on good terms with the Argos, not saying anything...but I'm surprised the two negative reporters Cox and Simmons are not trying to make some hay out of this.

Weird. I'm surprised no one was picked him up yet, considering his abilities on the field. Like you guys mentioned above, there seems to be more to the story than the Argos are letting on.

You would think, wouldn't you, that either Hamilton or Saskatchewan would give Karikari a look-see?

As I said earlier, I emailed Rick Matsumoto at the Star about this and he did not reply nor did he write anything about this. Today I emailed Steve Simmons in the Sun.....he responded to me so we'll see if he follows up on this.

I see that Karikari is now mentioned on the Argo "transactions" as being granted free agency on February 16.
Also OT Cliff Washington is playing in NFLE and is no longer on the Argo roster. Don't see any mention of him being released, maybe CFL teams can send a player over there providing he makes one of the teams. But I would think he would be allowed to sign with an NFL team after the NFLE season first if they wanted him.