Agreement in principle must already be reached.

How can players and GMs be signing contracts if no one knows what the salary cap is going to be. Like if the cap is 6 million, then players are signing for too little, or if the cap only goes up a few hundred K, then GMs are blowing their brains out right now. There must be perameters set already and the negotiations must be going well, otherwise no one would be signing contracts right now...

Perhaps the contracts have a clause to increase the players' salaries using a proration formula if and when the salary cap changes. The wording wouldn't be too difficult to come up with.

This is what I’ve been thinking, the GM’s must have an idea of what the salary cap will be for 2014, 2015 is probably another matter though. The only thing I’m really hoping for is that the CFL doesn’t go back to tying in revenues with the cap.

The negotiations are ongoing but they likely won't come to an agreement until just before the start of the reg. season. The players union will threaten to go on strike, trying to extract the maximum benefits for their players. That's only smart negotiating. Nobody wants a work stoppage, especially the players who've been waiting 7 months for their next pay cheque.

I'd say there'll essentially be no Cap this year. Even if they set it at $5 million, the league can't punish teams that go over too harshly, as nobody knew what the Cap would be. I could see the league financially penalizing teams who go over the Cap for 2014, but not losing draft picks. Then it'll be back to the hard Cap for 2015.

The Riders must be lickin their lips with no cap...They can spend 15 million and still turn a profit

Agreed with some of the other posters. I'm sure the new contract negotiated, or some of them at least, will have escalators in place based on any rise in the cap figure.

I somehow doubt that…with Bourke’s signing of 215K, how much more could he get if the cap went even to 6 million?

The cap probably won't expand this year, as Ottawa does not know what their revenue stream will be like. It will probably be next year, or even 2016, before the cap goes up. I'm starting to wonder if its going up at all, if some teams are still losing money. They next five year selling point will be that we've got new stadiums. Remember, no one actually knows how much the new TV deal is worth. It could be 2020 before any increase is given (the next TV deal).

I would guess any escalators would be based on the percentage increase in the salary cap based on prior season. At least that’s how I’d do it if I was an agent.

The exact figure is unknown but was stated to be worth over $30 million a year, double the old contract. Mind you there's an extra piece that needs to be carved out of the pie to Ottawa. It'll go up but it may go up in stages. The added revenue from the TV deal will almost assure teams will be in the black with average attendance, as long as there is an agreement to split the new TV revenue between the team and the cap. Hamilton, one of those teams not making money, in theory, should be in a better position to make money once they finally open THF and are not having to play in smaller stadiums like Guelph or potentially McMaster. Toronto, well, thats another story, but a chunk of that new TV money will help minimize their losses or perhaps bring them closer to the break even point.

I doubt that. It would require for the league to micro-manage every single contract signed this off season. If the league ends up being greedy. Expect a work stoppage. Players aren't paid to show up at training camp. At the very least you could expect them to skip out on that. and maybe a week or two of the season.

Contracts aren't guaranteed in the CFL, which means pretty-much anyone can be cut at training-camp and that is where real salary-cap decisions are made.

You just proved my point... If what you are saying is true then obviously the league knows that guaranteed contracts are not on the table... Like what f the players asked for only a 10 % raise, but with the codition that all contracts be guaranteed... The Bombers just paid 170K to a reciever that I have never heard of before and and under the above scenario, he would be a cap buster who they could not cut. There has to be an agreement in principle already

Sorry, you're going to have to explain that one again as I don't see how what I said in any way proves your point.