WOW...these are terms I haven't heard for a long time, describing the Ticats!

I'm pleased to see that D'Mac will lend more support to the OC!

I'm pleased with the ATTITUDE!


I'm pleased that O'bie is being aggressive too!

"High Energy Football"...Bring it on!


Enough of the finger-pointing and negative threads..."Yesterday is History"...let's move forward!

Let's give Marcel a chance to make a positive difference.

Absolutely...I want our team to scare people again. Even if we don't always end up on the right end of the scoreboard, I'd like the other team to feel the wounds of their win.

Talk is cheap. I really hope they can follow through.


There is a saying that is very appropriate to what we are experiencing RIGHT NOW...

"Lead...Follow, or Get the Hell Out Of The Way"! :rockin: