Ages of the draft eligible Canadians....Does it Matter?

I was just flipping through some of the higher ranked players for this year draft and was checking for players age's.

Rottier is 25, and Legare is 26.
Do you think GMs take these players age in to account when comparing them to Steenbergen and Morencie for example who are both 21 and still growing and maturing.
These two guys are being drafted at the age Rottier and Legare were starting University.

If these players are even comparable in skill at this point, I would go with the young guys with the still to be reached upside. 21 is REAL young!!!

I rather Younger Guy Personaly .. You more time to mold him to your system.
an Older player out collage may not be able to make the change

it doesn't really matter to me. anyone who can play is good enough for me. If he is 26 or 22, it doesn't matter. Each has a shot at playing 8-10 years. 4 years is a big difference but a 26 year old is more likely able to physically adapt to players that are 30.

I think the age is part of the evaluation process like position and wear and tear. A guy like Rottier has very little wear and as an offensive linesman who the best can play until 37 would be viewed differently then a RB who is 26.

I agree with the wear and tear part, what I am more interested in is a 21 year old who is similar in ability to a 25-26 year old has the upside to be off the charts by the time they reach 25-26.
For example would Rottier have been a first round pick 4 years ago?
Point being Rottier is not going to get a lot stronger or bigger, where the young guys will bulk up.

Regardless this draft will only yield depth for this season, and potential future starters.
That's why I am thinking go young if the decision is even close!
Nobody they draft will crack the starting line-up this year.