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From Herb and Leblanc @RDS unfortunately it looks like Cash is going to free agency.

as is Winston Venable, Marc-Olivier Brouillette and Jovon Johnson.

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Brouillette is playing possum, he might regret it.

Article: Brandon Rutley could look to become a stater should he hit the open market.

Brandon Rutley: Ready and Willing.

From Herb Zurkowsky:

If we allow you to go to market, we already have a contingency plan to replace you,? Reed said. “If we allow you to go to market, we’re prepared to have you move on. Some guys, we’ll have to allow to go to free agency so they see their value and understand the offer we’ve made was reasonable and fair, based on market.

“Wednesday and Thursday are going to be very important days for us. When guys have had the opportunity to see their market value … that’s when you get the every-day low prices. You see where the market sets itself,? Reed added. “You don’t want players in the locker room with a high-profile status that think you underpaid them. It’s to their advantage to see their market value.?

Reed was busy on Monday, signing veteran import linebacker Kyries Hebert, 36, to a two-year deal. The Montreal Gazette also learned non-import linebacker and special-teams player Nicolas Boulay has agreed to a two-year deal starting at $100,000 annually. And to think former GM Jim Popp tried unsuccessfully to reduce Boulay’s contract to $60,000 in 2016.

Venable was one of the Als’ highest paid players last season, earning $200,000. Coincidentally, he started to see his playing time diminished late in the year, when he seemed destined to produce 100 tackles. He finished at 88, second on the team to middle-linebacker Bear Woods.

The Als are considering moving Venable to safety, while having Brouillette potentially replace him at weak-side linebacker. Either way, Venable won’t get that much money from Montreal should he return. Brouillette, meanwhile, earned $140,000 last season.

Cash also provides an interesting scenario. He earned a relatively modest $85,000 last season and will be seeking a significant raise. But there are plenty of import defensive linemen about to hit the market. While Calgary’s Micah Johnson reportedly agreed to terms on Monday on a two-year deal starting at $160,000 annually, British Columbia’s best offer to Michael Brooks, according to a source, is $120,000

Cash’s demands probably are too extravagant for Reed.

“There will be guys from out team we choose not to resign. Some will probably be unpopular due to name familiarity,? Reed said. “Our (research) has led us to the conclusion we need to make those changes in order for us to have a chance at winning next year.

“Do not get infatuated with names. Let’s focus on the team being better and winning games.?

Reed, understandably, refused to speculate on potential free agents he might have in his crosshairs, although after acquiring veteran quarterback Darian Durant in a trade from Saskatchewan his next mandate is to improve an offensive line that surrendered a league-high 64 sacks.

The Als are expected to play two imports at tackle after employing an all-Canadian line for years. Calgary import left-tackle Derek Dennis is the best available. The 28-year-old was named the CFL’s most outstanding lineman last season, but will easily command a salary in the $155,000-$160,000 range. Saskatchewan’s Thaddeus Coleman might also be considered.

While there’s a big-time receiver in play on Tuesday — Ottawa’s Ernest Jackson after the Stampeders re-signed Marquay McDaniel — and Montreal’s devoid of a vertical, big-play guy, Reed’s not expected to enter the bidding war for a player who easily could be seeking $200,000 annually.

The GM’s philosophy is scouts are paid to find skilled players.

“I won’t overpay for skilled positions,? Reed stated. “The one mistake I can make is to make an emotional decision and cost the club a lot of money.

“I’ll be as active as we need to be.?

The Als added salary on Sunday, when they acquired Frédéric Plesius from Hamilton for Nic Shortill. Both are non-import backup linebackers who play on special teams, although Plesius, heading into the final year of his contract, earns $110,000. He can also rush off the end.

“We traded with the full understanding what his contract was,? Reed said. “We feel he’s going to bring a lot to the table and fits in very nicely with what positional players are being paid. He’s an extraordinary, versatile individual. In a ratio-dictated league, we need players that have flexibility.?

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Okie can you please post a link.

There`s been no mention of Klassen in the recent articles.

Last year starter and potential free agent that I would hate the most to lose is Int. DT Alan-Michael Cash; if he is not re-signed, I see him signing with Hamilton and pairing with Ted Laurent on the defensive line; with DE's John Chick and Adrian Tracy, Hamilton would have the best, if not the best, front four in the CFL.


Reading Kavis Reed, don't worry. I am not too impressed. His emphasis seems to be on Quebec players; we can't have a winning team with only Quebec players.I understand that it is important to have Quebec players, provided they are as good or better than players from other provinces.

I say that Brouillette will re-sign tomorrow; he has no other options.

At this time tomorrow, the off-season roster will most likely have 8 to 12 less players.


I think Klassen is off to Edmonton or Calgary
I think McMillan is off to Hamilton
I think Lafrance is off to Winnipeg
I think Babar Westerman is off to Winnipeg
I hope Getzlaf is not on his way here
I think Williams is off to Toronto
I think Cash will end up in Hamilton , Saskatchewan or Edmonton
I think Venable and Lavarias end up in the Great Vagine.
I think Martin Bedard is off to Edmonton

We will see how I score tomorrow.

Some players that could interest the Als, provided Cash and Klassen are not re-signed/

Nat. DL Jabar Westerman with BC. Can play DE and DT. Could be a very good rotation player.

Int. DT Euclid Cummings with Winnipeg. Did not have a great 2016 season in Winnipeg. Was great in Toronto in 2015.

Along with you,Sheldon, good attention to:

Int. OL Greg Van Roten with Toronto. Could play all positions on the offensive line.

Nat. WR Scott McDonnell with Ottawa. Not a starter but would add depth. Good special teams player.


This occurred to me too. Why flip a good prospect for a player five years older playing the same position? I'm all for increasing the local content but you only do that if the player is worth it. Otherwise you end up like the Montreal Canadiens, keeping mediocre smurfs like David Desharnais on the team to pacify the fanbase.

I like what Reed had to say about not overpaying and trusting his scouts to bring in skill players, especially receiver. But he has to walk the walk now. Enough gum-flapping.

Also, if Herb is correct and they're thinking of moving Brouillette to weak-side linebacker, I just want to say: 2014 called, it wants my idea back. :slight_smile: Seriously, I've been saying for years that Brouillette makes a better linebacker than a safety but we're going to do it now that he's over 30 and on the downside of his career? I'll stomach it if it means they plan to have Plesius or Boulay replace him. Right now, though, everything is so up and down that it's hard to get a read on the team's intentions.

I agree with you on most of the destinations of some free agents; I differ on a few:

MacMillan. I see in Calgary or Montreal
Cash in Hamilton.
Lavarias in Ottawa.
Westerman in Montreal or Winnipeg.


How does Hamilton afford Cash when they're already paying Laurent huge coin at DT and Collaros's cap hit is set to increase?

The whole idea of moving Brouillette in the box is a non starter. He's had multiple concussions and he want's to get out of the game with some brains left. Maybe its a diversion. Brouillette is no longer fast enough to play safety and he's not tough/durable enough to play LB.

I agree with you. The time to play him at linebacker was five years ago. If we're going to dress a national at Will, give the keys to Plesius and Boulay. They're the guys we signed to starter money. Let one of them earn it, at least.

-Here is the social media link for Brandon Rutley's reply:

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-Hard to gauge Jovon Johnson as he is trying to play all sides in free agency. He even says there is a chance he may return to Montreal:

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-I know these guys are kidding, but here is Jammal and Jabar Westerman in a photo titled "Sales pitch time."

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-Gary Lawless says the Redblacks are attempting to re-sign Nolan McMillan leaving no cap room left for Ernest Jackson.

Rutley as a starter LMAO. Sure, if someone wants a 28-year-old international running back who never breaks a tackle and can't block.

Macmillan has signed with the Redblacks.

With the re-signing of Nat. OL Nolan MacMillan by Ottawa, there are not too many options remaining with OL.

Apparently, Toronto will go after Derek Dennis. They don't seem to have interest in Greg Van Roten. An option for the Alouettes.