Agent feels players, CFL not far apart on CBA negotiations


(Agent Rob) "Fry did say it was shocking to see the tentative agreement voted down by the players over the weekend.

“It is very rare. (I) haven’t seen this before in the CFL. This is uncharted territory,” explained Fry.

“In a way, it would be sort of like myself negotiating a player’s contract and then it’s agreed on and the player backs out of the deal in a roundabout way.”

Note to self: Polls are more accurate when all of the voters polled actually vote. In this case some 30% of the players eligible to vote decided NOT to vote and we didn't get the outcome we expected.. which based on hindsight shouldn't have surprised anyone.

I think it's simple math. If that missing 30% shows up to vote today we'll get the outcome we expect and our season will start on time. :partying_face:

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Yep if everyone eligible votes better outcome

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