Age Rule

Are there any age rules in the CFL?? If an 18 year-old wanted to try out for a CFL team is that possible. I no no 18 year old could compare to a CFL lineman, rb, qb, db or anyhting. But what abould a kicker???

Hank Ilesic starting playing as a 17-18 year old, I think.

Practice roster below 20, but otherwise no. Josh Boden for example.

Yes, straight out of St Joesph's in Edmonton.

While he was still in grade 11.


hwgill, could you expand on what you mean by,

[i]'Practice roster below 20, but otherwise no.

Josh Boden for example.[/i]'

Ah those are fond memories. Hank booming 60 yarders over the head of the receiving team, and Pat Marsden dubbing him Hank "the shank" because he would occasionally let one go off the side of this foot. Never mind that he's one of the greatest punters in CFL history.

Can you imagine what a conversation with him must have been like? Maybe something like this:

Random student: "Hey Hank, some of us are going to go to the arcade this weekend, what are you planning to do"?

Hank: "Oh I dunno, not much..maybe I'll...PLAY FOR THE ESKIMOS this weekend"...

Freakin Awesome!

Miss seeing that special kicking shoe of his.