age limit

Can anyone tell me please if i need to buy a ticket for my 2 1/2 year old

I would imagine so.

It doesn't specify free for anything:

you should contact the ticket people to ask them that. generally speaking, on most venues 'babes in arms' are exempted from tickets but its best to check.

I would think not if he/she is small enough to sit on your lap and not take up a seat.

I would think that you'd be suprised cos i"m pretty sure you have to buy a ticket.

You dont have to buy a ticket on an airline if the child is small enough to sit on your lap....No reason this should be any different... but only one way to find out

8) You'd better buy a ticket. Can you imagine trying to convince our "security staff" at the gate that you don't need one !!!!! :roll: :wink:

We had to pay for our 3 year old in the opener. (I think she may have been checked for hidden water bottles to by the rent-a-cops!) :smiley:

You are not going to be challenged if you have a kid in you arms. I used to carry my daughter through the gates and I would never be asked for a ticket for her.

But finally when she was around 10 I had trouble carrying her through the turnstile and the security staff took us aside and said you have to buy a ticket for her!