Age and cancer has mellowed Matthews

Interesting article on the CFL Hall of Fame Coach: ... 9028766/...

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As an additional note, Herb Zurkowsky of the Gazette has it pretty much right. I had a chance to meet Don at the last Ticats game in Montreal and I found him to be warm, caring and thoughtful. Almost the opposite of every story I had heard of Don where, to everyone but his players, he had a reputation for being, um, pretty tough.

Thx Bob as my link didn’t work , the Don is beating the odds and still drops by to see Popp give him some advice and follows CfL on TV good to see a CFl Legend fighting back :thup:

very true Bob.
Many coaches exhibit a tough intense exterior on the sidelines, yet are far removed from these traits off the field a la Mr. Matthews who admitted as much in this interview.
and having a cancer diagnoses with subsequent treatments will generally imbue an even softer, much more mellow demeanor in most people.
His coaching style undoubtedly served him well throughout his career and is more than well deserving of all accolades and awards bestowed upon him.

I have great empathy for what Don is going through, as my mother and good friend have/had a similar type of cancer, including all the cruel symptoms of the disease and horrific effects of the chemo/radiation.
We are very fortunate to have one of the best cancer facilities in all of Canada right here in our own backyard.

Such an experience, even for loved ones, makes one savor life as something so delicate and precious where nothing is taking for granted.
..not even a walk in the park nor my favorite team beating the Als this weekend. :wink:

Tis a shame,indeed that the "DON" never coached here in Hamilton.IMO one of the BEST coaches this league has ever produced!!!! Second in wins only to Wally Buono,9 Cup appearances,5 wins,3 in a row(95-97)4 different teams coached to a Grey Cup Championship(B.C.-85,BALT.-95,TOR.-96-97,MTL-02) Simply the BEST!!!! What a record,What a coach!!! :cowboy:

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True and Sad, It is the Toronto media And certain sports (writers?) who defame and discredit everything CFL that they can, even players and coaches with illustrious careers.
Even you Caretaker if they could!!
Can't anything be done ?

Don, you have always been one tough former Marine! I was intrigued watching your strategies as a Head Coach - especially against our TiCats!

Semper Fi! And Keep Well.