Again what a bad coach

WOW...waste the challenge for 10 yds. while in field goal range...maybe you could have used it for the Banks play...when is Austin coming back?? We need a coach that isn't scared to change QB's ...Masoli was great in the 1st half even if his fumble cost us ...but the thing is that he didn't have it anymore in the 2nd half so why not put Zach in...what century is this coach from...only thing to do is to get rid of him...I don't understand why our new name shouldn't be the "Hamilton RedBlacks"...we have the game won & then give it away!!!

Shotgun from the 1. Cost 4 points.

coaches should not be allowed to call for penalties on a review.

QB doesn't call the plays!!! Plays come via headset from the sidelines or spotters

Hence the title of the thread, I think ...

relic: " When is Austin coming back?" You HAVE to be joking!!!!
Has the change in Head Coach not shown you where the problem has been with this team for the past season and a half? Give your head a shake.

Shotgun from the 1 and that poor excuse of official #27 cost us! What a shame. Should have been our win. Argos had no right winning and wouldn't have had zebras done their job........ oops they can't since they are incompetent!

mr62cats: You have completely derailed this thread with common sense and logic. 8)