Again, we are assaulted

Apparently, the game I was at last night was very good. Unfortunately, the pounding my ears took from the super loud speakers gave me a massive headache that prevented me from enjoying the game. Moreover, i could not discuss the game with my brother sitting next to me unless i was yelling and constantly had to ask him to repeat what he was saying. I don't get it. The previous few games the speakers were fine but once again the ticats are persistent in their efforts to keep me out of the stadium. As a season ticket holder, I understand that the cramped seats, horrible and outrageously priced food is a given, but I don't understand why the cats insist on assaulting their customers with distracting, painful noise. In section 7 row 28, there was no way to enjoy the game nor discuss it. While the upcoming Montreal game may be an exciting one, all I can think of, and worry about, is whether I will have to endure another headache.

We hear you - no pun intended.

We're in Section 26 - speaker noise is unbearable.

We've complained about it - more than a few years now - but it doesn't change.

We and many around us have had to resort to ear plugs.

But at least we're winning.

Worst part - as you pointed out - is being unable to discuss the game between plays.

This is the same in sec7.

It's actually so bad that when you get a song with a lot of bass the speaker actually pops.

Maybe that's why 10,000 fans stayed away this game.
We get less than 20,000 fans for one of the best/exciting teams in the league but a sell out last game for one of the worst teams in the league!!

I thought this thread would be about the National Anthem singer or the "lady" sitting behind me. :smiley: :wink:

I have sat in that area before and it's more the echo that bothers me than the actual volume.

I am in Sec 7 very near where you sit, myearshurt.

All the songs that were played before the game
seemed to be repetive mind-numbing Rap music.

Too much rap music agitates me
and gives me a tension headache.

Besides, it was way too loud.

I couldn't hear the person next to me
to be able to have a normal conversation.

Please play fewer rap songs
and turn the volume way down.

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

The public address announcer is the worst I've ever heard, he makes the game like a joke. Get rid of the guy for pete sakes TiCats. He announces with little stories, excuse me, that's not the dude's role!! It's a friggin joke.

3rd and Dyakowski's shoe size?


You're Fired.

WTF? He announced it like that, Crash?

I thought that one was pretty funny for once. :cowboy:

Although I think it was actually 2nd down. (leading to the Tafralis to Bruce play... unless I'm mixing up short yardage situations.... there were a few of them)

J Farr does ramble on far too much - his role is to announce who passed, who carried, who tackled and what the officials are doing to us now. Period.
Having said that, I found the comment on second (?) and shoe size to be a little clever humour.

I dont like to complain but I want to mention how we waited the whole half time for food and never got any so me and and my friend had to wait till after the game to buy something outside! Amagine if they forked this food out faster how much more money they can make! :wink:

[quote="borehamgirl"]I thought this thread would be about the National Anthem singer . :smiley: :wink:

8) Well, since you mentioned her, bg, :D :wink: :thup:

The Tiger Cats should take a cue from Skydome regarding food. Sure, it is expensive at Skydome, but the food is least my friend and I both thought so after our trip there on September 11th.

I agree....the audio is a bit too loud at Ivor Wynne.....and less (C)rap music please.

That is the reason why I'll not go to see another game

I thought that at some point last year that the sound people at the stadium have improved the overall situation. Apparently it has regressed and we have the sonic sledge-hogging again with the folks as the proverbial nail.

Can the sound people agree that maybe a minimum 10-decibel drop per speaker might be a good start to calibrate the system so folks are not so numbed out and help them to provide the natural fan noise that energizes the place and gets the fans ENGAGED in the game?

It is about the fan experience right? Folks talking to friends and family about the game during the game? Enjoying oneself instead of having one's flesh ripped from one's skull from the rap of MC Concorde "taking off" every couple of minutes?

Why can't there be consistency in what improvements get made?

Oski Wee Wee,


I use ear plugs.

Huskie weenie

Catfish has the right idea. Just bring a giant pair of ear muffs! Keeps your ears warm too.

I have read the same complaints about the speaker noise, bad food, expensive drink, long waits at half, tight seating etc. for years. Obviously, the Tiger Cat organization is not listening because these complaints have been constant year in and year outwith little or no response. Unfortunately, since this stadium is a dump, many of these complaints are virtually impossibe to correct. But what is correctable is a re-evaluation of the game day experience for the fan starting with the elimination of loud music, J.Farr's antics and a return to the tradional way of presenting the game. The cats are putting a decent product on the field, the fans can look after the noise so just stick to annoucing the basics.
Until a new stadium is created I cannot see any improvements in the concessions so good luck at getting back to your seat before the 3rd quarter is half over. :?