...Again...? Just Unbeleivable

Lost to the Winnepeg WHO? Some team going into the game that was 4 - 8...
... I have so much to say... but honestly, i dont care anymore, my words wont change this disgustingly crappy franchise...
YOU GUYS SUCK... Do Edmonton a favor... just miss the playoffs again, we dont have that 34 year streak anymore, so miss them as much as you want, i couldnt care less, as long as you have a bunch of retards calling the shots, we aint going anywhere, at least if we miss em, MAYBE someone will get FIRED!
Yall make me sick to the stomach to cheer for you these past couple of years... disgusting, cant beleive you guys even get paid...

Agree I pretty much think everyone on this board can coach better than RITCHOE HALL---

I know for a fact I can be a better coach than Ritchie Hall--

Ritchie never challeges any plays and collects the CHALLENGE flags as souvenirs--

He also never pulls any plaeyrs, finally RAY was pulled after being ineffective for ever----

We are in trouble when KAI ELLIS is our major pass rusher--

I agree we need a real head coach and D cooordinaotr--
ALso strasser needs to start going to a shorter passing game---

I hate to say it but I think Edmonton receivers are fairly SOFT--- THey are showing that they will drop the ball if there is a defender anywhere near them---

They really miss CAMBELL- the speedster---

This franchise is being run by dumb people, no different than any fortune 500 company being run by dumb people, they will also go bankrupt also--

Eh... I'm like you. I just don't care anymore. This team has officially fallen apart. The coaches are calling stupid plays... the receivers are playing like crap... the players are taking stupid penalties... I thought I was watching the Argos tonight.

This team is crap. The other Eskimos fans (cfleskfan) can continue to bury their heads in the sand, but this team doesn't deserve to make the playoffs. It's that simple.

If this team continues to implode like it is, I think they'll have to fire Richie Hall because he's proving that he can't pull these guys together. He can either be demoted to DC, or booted back to Saskatchewan.

Hey all. Just dropped by to join in the bitchfest that typifies this board after every loss.....Yeah, that was a damn sorry performance all the way around - a lesson in how to play dropsie. I wouldn't trust these guys to carry my damn groceries, starting with Jackson. I mean, c'mon, FOUR muffed punts in succession!! AND he stays in the game anyway!? I'm sorry, but if I'm Hall (and I'm glad I'm not right now) I yank his @ss after the second one and let someone else have a go at it. And what happened to Ray? How can a guy be so lights-out, 20 for 20, and then suck so bad inside of two weeks? Yeah, he got pressured pretty good, but still...he threw a handful of passes that were nowhere near anyone. He deserved to go sit.

Dumb penalties all over the place on both teams- what an ugly game from the beginning right down to Stamps running 20 yards backwards and Maas fumbling the final snap with 6 seconds to go. Winnipeg still sucks, but at least they played with heart, which is more than I can say for the Esks...they may as well have phoned this one in, because they clearly were not prepared to go down there and actually play it, and that lies at the feet of the coaching staff.

You Know I really can't remember If Hall has even thrown 1 challenge Flag all year . Can anyone else remember?

...Again? Just Unbelievable...Thats just the way I feel about this bitchfest! :roll:
Last in the league in Giveaway-Takeaway
Special Team giving up big plays and muffing punts and kickoffs.
Blame the players not the coaches.
Coaches don't fumble the ball, drop passes, or take stupid penalties!
I believe we can fix these issues just look at the picks we have started to get over the last few games. Jackson needs to get his head screwed on straight and give us some field position and the rest of the special teams need to execute good coverage. Give Ricky a short field and he will get the job done. Considering what Coach Hall has had to deal with in respect to injuries he has done a decent job for a rookie head coach and despite what everyone here thinks.... throwing challenge flags isn't the most crucial job he has. I for one want the Esks to make the playoffs and make all the negative naysayers and bitchers eat their words. GO ESKS!

Injuries, injuries, injuries... Why is it suddenly OK to use injuries as an excuse? :expressionless:

Sure coaches dont fumble balls or take stupid penalties... well sometimes they take dumb penalties for being idiots to officials, but hall has class, the point is, it is the coaches DUTY to fire up the team, get them all MENTALLY prepared for EVERY GAME. I dont see any of that, and you know why? B/c there are fumbles all the time, penalties all the time, and screwups on Offense, Defense and Special Teams
it is AT LEAST half the coaches fault for a teams disgusting play!

Injuries....no where has anyboby associated with this team used this as an excuse. My point was given the severity of the number of injuries I think Coach Hall and the Esks have done a decent job. Not an excuse for poor play.... injured players don't play. The old saying "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!" has meaning here.....You can holler, swear, plead and jump up and down but ultimately the "DUTY" lies directly with the players to execute and bring their A Game! Passion isn't something you can coach....either the players have it or they should find another job.....These guys are Pros and should be prepared mentally and emotionately for every game without a wave of a magic wand by the coaches.

I disagree to some extent. While you can't necessarily "coach" passion, you can instill it into your players if you're a clever manager of people. I've seen enough of Hall to conclude that, while he's passionate about winning, he's not very good at delivering the message. The pregame speech he gave before the Calgary rematch was pretty lame. Guys were looking off in all directions, seemed disinterested and he didn't really have much of anything to impart. On the other hand, look at a guy like Hufnagel for example. I remember seing his pregame spiel at the Grey Cup last year and the guy really did a nice job. He didn't jump up and down and holler...he just put forth a very clear message to his players about unity, sticking together under adversity, all the while praising them. Just one example, but I really believe that a coach can exert his influence beyond X's and O's in many ways throughout a season. Call it an issue of persona. Neither Hall nor Hufnagel will ever be Bud Grant or Vince Lombardi, but a head coach acts to see that the entire unit operates with discipline and on an even keel....and when you're dropping balls all over the place and being flagged for stupid penalties, it's usually a sign that he hasn't done a very good job at preparing his team.

true the esks are struggling . all of them ...... they may or may not recover in time to squeak into the playoffs ,,,, these things happen to the best of teams ...... what bothers me the most is the crybaby fans in this city .. city of champs my a@@ ...
if the esks had devoted fans like the riders or hamilton ,perhaps the team would give a better effort ..... they read what everone says about them when they struggle , no wonder they dont play with any heart here ,, the fans are kicking the heart out of them ....support you're team for better or worse ..... maybe we just have a city of poor losers .??? it's easy to be a good winner...it's much harder to lose & keep playing with heart / intensity when you're fans bail on you ....yes we have missed the playoffs a few years in a row .teams have slumps .. ALL TEAMS ........look at toronto........ & what about about montreal ?? top team in the west for the last 6 or 8 years .. how many cups in that time?? how many trips to the big show & coming home empty handed??? how soon the fans forget ..the esks had 3 trips to the cup winning 2 of them in what 4 years?? .... no team can be the best all the time ....... yes the esks are playing lousy right now .let's wait till playoffs arrive before we fire all the coaches & shoot all the players........ nuff said ..........

I understand what you are saying davedude,
I never like to bitch about my team, but when something has to be addressed, itll sure as hell be addressed, honestly, with a little enthusiasim from upper managment and the coaching staff, and a little passion from EVERY SINGLE player i honestly think our Defense, our Offense, and our Special Teams could both be above average, and could operate with a lot less penalties, dropped balls, blown coverage and whatever the fuck anyone else has to address, i honestly think we could win every game from here on out till the Grey Cup.

My point is, it dosent look like it will happen this year, you can tell that not one single individual wants or cares about a W.
And if the players played their hearts out, i would suppose the fans would actually respect what they do.
Once every individual comes together and has all the passion needed to play pro football, and actually becomes a team, thats when i will have just that much more respect for this franchise.

Sure Rick Lelacher is an idiot and dosent know what a football looks like
Sure Danny M isnt the best Head of Operations there ever was (although even saying that title that he has makes me cringe)
But id love to see some passion and some players getting excited on the bench, and the coaches screaming and yelling and showing emotion to LEAD the TEAM!

Passion goes a long way, it aint always playcalling that screws things over, you know when a team wants to win... you can just simply... see it.

Yup. Like Winnipeg last Friday.

Excellent post, hondo. I couldn't agree more.

Davedude, if this team is giving up simply because of what the fans are saying, then these babies either need to get thicker skin or get the hell out of sports. I'll always support the Eskimos (even if I don't think they deserve to make the playoffs this year), but if I see something wrong with the team, I'm certainly not going to stay quiet about it. How the hell is a team supposed to progress if the players are afraid of a little criticism. Give me a break, man. :lol:

I am amazed at all the dropped balls. Not difficult catches either as these are passes that are hitting receivers in the numbers or hands.

Let's hope it continues on Fri Sporty. LOL

I don't like your chances tomorrow night. It's gonna be cold as a witch's you-know-what in a brass bra with wind, as well. Tough for a team to get acclimated to, especially a dome team. We'll see, though I think BC is far better than their record indicates, anyway...