Afternoon games

What's up with all the afternoon games??? Saskatchewan plays 3 afternoon games on a saturday in a row. Summer seems short enough this year already and now I have to give up nice weekend afternoons to watch the game???? Are they trying to drive fans away from watching on tv???? As much as I love the CFL, they should reconsider Saturday matinee games on tv during summer, October, late september sure.


would you like some cheese with that wine? :roll:

In Hamilton last year, we had quite a few games on Thursday nites. They were terrible. I thought that it would be good cuz it doesn't ruin your weekends but you still have to go home and go to work the next day.

No matter what day you play on in the summer, people are going to complain.

Thursdays - gotta work the next day
Friday - want to go away
Saturday - want to go away, do something else besides going to a football game
Sunday - most people just want to relax and getting back from camping/cottage

In the summer time, there is just so much that you want to do with your weekends.

You are never going to please everyone.

I don’t mind saturday night games, but a game that starts early afternoon - you lose the whole afternoon to do things that you need to do, i.e. yard work, work on the vehicle…things like that. Night games are alright, sit back after a productive afternoon and sip a few cold ones while watching the game…

It is a bit annoying seeing as i work EVERY single saturday so i miss almost all the games


blah blah blah Saturday afternoon games rock I miss those games, i'm an Eskimo season ticket holder how about this you take our dumb thursday games and i'll take your Saturday afternoon game in a heartbeat. If you notice thursday games kill attendance they should be having double headers on friday and saturday and no weekday games attendance suffers.

Yardwork, work on the vehicle, all that stuff can be done before or after the game. I just do what I need to before the game and the rest can wait until after.

Sat afternoon games are awesome, everybody has the sched. months in advance, so no excuses. It’s a great time to meet up with friends and continue on with post game festivities. Obviously a tailgate before the game.

We have had problems in Hamilton the last couple years where games start late on a Saturday.

Even last week, when the game started at 6 here, there were people fighting in the stands.

This is why labour day starts at 4 pm this year.

In the summer time, the best time for football is Friday nites. You can still go to the cottage afterwards and it doesn't kill your weekends.

The poster above is right, the schedule is released months in advance. If it doesn't work for you, don't go.

too much complaining about scheduals this year... everyone needs to buy a PVR, and watch the games when its apropriate to them i guess. ever hear an nfl fan complain abotu watching there team on a sunday morning or afternoon?