Afternoon Amateur Overload

How many screens/windows can you handle? Here's what I'm trying to follow right now:

AFL semi-final:

CEGEP regular season finale, D1

AUS Mount Allison vs St.FX

OUA quarterfinals:


depends on how many devices i am running but i do 3 - 4 occasionally, usually all on mute. generally i don’t watch more than 3 screens tho. depends on how my brain is functioning or not functioning.

watching carleton vs laurier now

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I pretty quickly settled on the Ottawa and Carleton games. Was watching both on my laptop, so switching from one tab to another and back again.

Too bad some of those games weren't on today instead. So much football yesterday.

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yea i only watched a couple games. i pvr’d and watched cfl highlights but i was overloading on football stim. wanted to save myself for some of todays NFL action :grin:

also had to help mini-me with homework

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