After yesterday's game:Joseph and the team QB horrible

I was at the game yesterday and the way Joseph played, only marginally better then last year and that's not saying much, I don't get it why the team didn't bring in Printers to camp on a look see basis. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
As a matter of fact, I would have also brought in my fave Michael Bishop as well.
And to think I thought that Winnipeg would be the worst in the QB department this year. So far my Argos are leading in this futilety.

Relax it's only one game, and an exhibition game at that.

Mind you 9 for 19 sure isn't exciting........but was that Joseph's fault or the receivers? Or a bit of both perhaps.............

Bring back Bishop? Are you serious?

(and I'm patting myself on the back for resisting pointing out that you used "then" when you should have used "than").

It's hard to judge performences in pre-season games. The goal in pre-season games is not to win the game. It's to evaluate talent, work on things the team is stuggling with and perfect the things the team does well.
Montreal looked a lot better out there. However, I'll pass judgement until after week 1 of the regular season.

Granted it's only one pre season game. But when you compare to the entire last year when he had the worst year of his career, Joseph appears done at 36.
Why Andrus already in the beginning of camp named him as the starter is unbelievable? Everything about Andrus appears in order and he talks like a good coach, almost like that great Als coach Marc Trestman.
So to name Joseph after his horrible season and then having the option of Printers and Bishop to bring into camp on a look and see basis, especially since the back ups Reeves and Pickett are not ready yet, is strange to say the least.

Given Bishop's record, I don't see not inviting him back as being strange at all.

Even if I could ignore the fact that he's just an interception waiting to happen, come on, after last year's QB controversy which ruined both QBs confidence and split the team, do you really think the Argos would want to re-live that sort of nonsense by inviting Bishop back or inviting Printers? I don't think so.

Mind you, if Joseph struggles early in the real season, or gets injured, I'm sure Rita has Printers' number on speed dial. But not Bishop's.

All bets should be off when it comes to the QB position on this team and especially the last several years.
There should be no guarantees to start the season from this poor quality bunch.
Open competition is required from anyone and everyone available.

Bishop is gone, get over it. Joseph was on fire during the last 3 games of '08, he just needs to shake off the rust I imagine/hope. And once again it's only an exhibition game.

I have to agree with you Argotom the Argo QBing situation still makes me nervous. I have nothing against Kerry Joseph as a person, he just doesn't seem to be the type of QB for Toronto. Never mind the fact he is a hit and miss passer and just might be the best running back on the team. If Toronto is suppose to be the New York Yankees of the CFL they need a QB who is larger than life, so to speak, Kerry Joseph will never be that type of guy IMO. The trouble is those guys are hard to find, plus the fact the Argos can't go out and blow big Braley bucks on a "name" QB anymore because of the SMS. They are going to have to develop one it seems, but that never seems to happen.

But having said all that foolish talk :slight_smile: I saw more holes in the defense against Montreal than the offense.

You are correct DB.
Don't know which position was worse, the collective QB's or the swiss cheese front line. And to think the Als left a whack of first stringers at home?

Not that I would want him on my team, (I don't), I am surprised the Argos have not at least talked to Printers.

Are they really that "In Love" with Joseph?

Well, sporty, it wouldn't surprise me if they've talked to him..........just not publicly.

My guess is that after last year's QB controversy, they desperately want to avoid such a thing this season.....hence Joseph annointed the starter before TC and just no=names as backups.

If that works, and Joseph plays well and with confidence, they'll stay the course. If it doesn't work, and Joseph struggles out of the gate, as I've said I think Rita has Printers' number on speed dial.

Joseph was awful in the 1st quarter, and quite good in the 2nd.

I'll reserve judgment, thanks.

I'm a Bishop fan too but don't let it affect your judgement, Kerry's still as good if not better. The last thing Joseph needs right now is another QB breathing down his neck, esp. a disruptive one like CP.
I'm getting the bad feeling that Andrus might be another in a long line of Septic Coaches that comes in trying to impose his ideas on a Professional Football League that has it's own nuances that they can't or won't understand. To me the problem in TO might be armchair owners who care too much but don't know enough to hire the right people and then step back. Pinball should be running the team as President and let him do his job. He's a proven winner as a player and a coach and I'm certain he'd do the same without owners pulling strings behind his back.
Good luck Argonauts

I am not so sure sports about Kerry. He is definitely on the downside of his career at 36 and especially after last year.
Hey Kerry has always been a running first type QB, with a poor to average arm. The Defences and with the respective co-ordinators in the league have figured him out. Stop the run and keep him in the pocket where he does not have the arm strength or frankly the height to see down field.
The thing that bothers me also and I thought the hiring of Andrus, ala Trestman with the Als was possible a breath of fresh air instead of recycling, is that he announced about watching every game in the league last year and from the team. Then the surprise announcement during the beginning of camp how Joseph was his starter? Say what?
If I am a new coach and see the year Kerry had, the last thing I would do is announce him as the number one starter. What was he watching that would make him think that Joseph has earned that.
As for Pinball I agree with you.

I wouldn't push the panic button just yet. Joseph was nervous and sloppy early, but settled down toward the end of the second quarter. Remember, he and the whole team are learning a new system, with a new coach, new playbook, new terminology, new everything. Understanding a system is one thing. Executing it consistently snap in and snap out is another. Let's give Joseph a few regular-season games before judging further.

After the disaster of last year, we do not have any more time to give to Joseph. Or at least that would be my outlook if I was the coach. On a very short leash starting tomorrow in the Hammer. If another poor showing, then I am on the phone Wednesday to Printers and Bishop.

argotom I'm sorry but what is the root cause of your love for Bishop?

The guy is just an interception waiting to happen, why in the world would you want him back?

MJ, he has the best arm in football. Now if he could ever put it all together, his ability to run is also good, but it is the penchant for trying to do too much which usually gets him into trouble and or the pics.
I would sign him yesterday and like the Hammer and a few other teams, sign a QB coach to work with him and the other QB's.

A cannon for an arm, no question about it. But he's never been able it seems to learn how to read a defence or stay away from frequent and costly interceptions. I don't think you can correct those problems with his age he's too set in his ways. Toronto gave up on him, and then Saskatchewan gave up on him. If Joseph can't get it done, I'd be looking elsewhere.

He like Printers is younger then Joseph and for me there is more of an upside for the two then the current cast of characters.